Systembolaget Reduces Environmental Footprint by 50 Percent With CA Technologies PC Power Management Solution

State-Owned Chain of 420 Liquor Stores in Sweden Uses CA ecoDesktop to Measure, Assess, and Report on Environmental Impact and Performance of IT Devices

MORGES, Switzerland,  May 14, 2013 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced that Systembolaget has reduced the energy consumed by more than 4,500 of its desktops by 50 percent, and lowered the company’s carbon from 13 tons to 6.9 tons – equivalent to the amount that 580 trees can absorb in a year – using the company’s PC Power Management solution, CA ecoDesktop.

Systembolaget is a state-owned chain of 420 liquor stores in Sweden and is the only retail network in the country allowed to sell alcoholic beverages containing more than 3.5 percent by volume of alcohol. CA ecoDesktop is used to help measure, assess, and report on Systembolaget’s environmental impact and performance more accurately.

“This CA Technologies PC power management solution is a cornerstone of Systembolaget’s corporate sustainability program stretching to 2020,” says Stig-Göran Flemström, business area manager – IT department Systembolaget. “Easy to use and quick to deploy, CA ecoDesktop enables Systembolaget to more effectively manage and report in a transparent manner on the energy consumed by some 4,500 workstations. This is playing a major role in helping the company lower the energy consumed in both the retail liquor stores and in our headquarters, minimize the carbon footprint and cut energy costs.”

An initial pre-assessment study using CA ecoDesktop found that, over a period of 184 days, the company’s desktops were switched on almost 94 percent of the time. The desktops were idle for the majority of this time, wasting energy and producing unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. To help increase employee productivity and reduce user disruption, CA ecoDesktop introduced power management profiles (based on user profiles) which reduced start-up time, avoided application insomnia, and helped to ensure that users are not interrupted by successful power management policies.

All data generated by the desktops is continuously monitored and collected for reporting, environmental and business intelligence purposes. So in practice, this means that an in-store Systembolaget cash register enters a “sleep mode” a certain number of hours after the store has closed, and is then re-activated just prior to the store re-opening. If maintenance is taking place during a night time service window, the unit can be “awoken” and important updates can be installed.

Using CA ecoDesktop, the uptime of the Systembolaget desktops has decreased from an average of 93 percent down to 43 percent (a 53 percent reduction). Energy consumption has also been reduced from 2.25 million kilowatts per hour (kWh) prior to the study, to 1.1 million kWh (a 51 percent reduction). These energy and cost savings will help Systembolaget to deliver a return on investment within the first 12 months, and achieve its objective of being seen as a leader in sustainability issues.


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