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CA Technologies Simplifies and Secures Mobile, Web and Cloud Application Development with New Release of CA Layer 7 API Portal

NEW YORK, February 18, 2014 —CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced significant updates to the CA Layer 7 API Portal. The Portal allows enterprises to empower developers to build mobile, Web and other applications that support business goals to extend overall market reach and grow revenues.

“The new API Portal adds critical API grouping and package capabilities, and enables publishing directly from the API Portal using pre-defined policies that our customers can tailor to their needs,” said Dana Crane, senior product manager, CA Technologies. “With the API Portal, it is now simple for an organization to create a branded interface for developers, so they can access all the design time resources needed to quickly discover and understand an API, and then create an application and track its usage.”

Designed to securely support partner, third-party and internal developers across multiple groups simultaneously, this solution grants each unit its own set of access and API publishing privileges — all from a single portal.

The newest release of the API Portal provides important features to speed application development with the security expected by the business and customers, including:

• API Grouping—Enables developers to add multiple APIs with a single click, thereby simplifying application creation.
• API Packages—Allows API owners to build packages of APIs that expose different sets of functionality. This streamlines on-boarding so developers who sign up for an account on the API Portal can select the plan they require and automatically receive an appropriate set of APIs.
• Publishing API from Portal—Enables developers to publish APIs directly from the Portal while leveraging predefined security and protection rules. API owners can then layer on API-specific logic, such as location awareness, while still being able to ensure consistent security for all APIs.

“The Mobile Access Gateway interface, which remains a key driver behind many larger enterprise customers’ selection of the CA Layer 7 API Portal, will continue to be integrated, while a new, in-portal publication option has been added. The CA Layer 7 API Portal will now allow for faster development and deployment of more secure apps and services by quickly accessing and embedding API services,” added Crane.

The CA Layer 7 API Portal will continue to feature its differentiating capabilities including:

• API discovery, interactive documentation and exploration that makes development easier and more convenient by automatically creating API documentation and code samples in the developer's programming language of choice. 
• Integration with the CA Layer 7 Mobile Access Gateway™ to easily add security to an application. By using the Mobile SDK from the Mobile Access Gateway for the app, developers can add all the security functions required by the business without having to code it themselves. The SDK maintains security consistency no matter what changes are made on the back end.

The CA Layer 7 API Portal is available for both on-premise and cloud deployments this month and will be featured during the DeveloperWeek conference (February 18-19) in San Francisco.

CA Technologies completed the acquisition of Layer 7 Technologies last year and now offers the CA Layer 7 API Security and Management Suite.

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