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Security Study From CA Technologies Reveals Why the Application Economy Demands a New Approach to Security

Mobility, APIs and Business Enablement Spark New Attitudes Toward Security and Drive an Increase in Investment

NEW YORK, February 2, 2015 — Protection is still the main driver for security, but a new study released today reveals that organizations understand the application economy demands a new view and approach to security. The study, sponsored by CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) and titled “8 Steps to Modernize Security for the Application Economy,” shows how mobility, APIs and an eye toward growing the business have brought a balanced view of control and enablement to security.

“Today we need to live in a security-first world — light-years from the days when security was an afterthought and bolted on after a service or application was deployed,” said Amit Chatterjee, executive vice president, CA Technologies.  “With the application economy going full-throttle in the hyper-connected world of people, devices and expanding ambient data, businesses realize that security goes beyond protection. The same tools that govern who and what can access our data, also can deliver a frictionless and positive customer experience and contribute to business growth in a variety of ways.”

Key findings from the study show:

1.    Mobility matters.  Improving the mobile customer experience was cited as a top security priority (42 percent), second only to protecting against data breach (56 percent). In addition, 49 percent of respondents say mobility has a big or significant impact on security practices and policies with respect to customers. We expect this number to expand as mobility, BYOD and the Internet of Things drive an increasingly “unwired enterprise” where perpetual connectivity adds a complexity and security risk that must be addressed for employees, customers and partners.  

2.    The desire to innovate quickly:  Success in the application economy requires businesses to innovate and release applications more quickly, and API-assembled apps will lead the way. To facilitate that need, 79 percent of respondents are opening their data as APIs to accelerate mobile and web application delivery, improve customer engagements and open new revenue channels and opportunities. This adds new considerations to the protection factor of security.  

3.    New attitudes adopted:  Forty-eight percent of respondents recognize that business enablement is an important benefit of security and can drive growth.  Seventy-eight percent of respondents have seen or expect to see increased revenue from new services enabled by improved security.

4.    Increase in security investment:  A new view toward security and the protection and enablement it offers has sparked an increase in security investment. According to respondents, 25 percent of all IT spending will be devoted to security in the next three years, up from 18 percent today.


For tips on how to advance security for today’s business environment, read “8 Steps to Modernize Security for the Application Economy.”

For a graphical representation of the survey results, download this infographic.

Survey Methodology

Vanson Bourne conducted the CA Technologies-sponsored study of 1,425 senior IT and line-of-business executives (including 142 CSOs and CISOs) at enterprise organizations with revenues of $500 million or more in financial services, healthcare, retail, telecommunications and media/entertainment industries. The study was conducted in 13 countries around the world:  United States, Canada, Brazil, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, China, India and Japan.

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