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CA Technologies Delivers New Comprehensive Cloud Technology Monitoring Capabilities, Enabling Organizations to Better Optimize Performance of Modern, Dynamic Infrastructures

CA Helps IT Operations Teams Deliver Reliable and Agile IT Services of AWS, Docker, PureStorage, Nutanix and OpenStack Enabled Environments

New York, June 22, 2016 – To help IT operations executives adopting cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures maximize the value of their resources, CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced new capabilities in CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM). Adding support for performance monitoring of Docker containers, PureStorage arrays, Nutanix hyperconverged systems and OpenStack cloud environments and additional capabilities for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructures, CA UIM offers the most comprehensive coverage of currently available stand-alone IT monitoring solutions.

“Adopting a variety of cloud and dynamic infrastructures are a necessity in today’s application economy, but cost efficiencies and agility offered by these technologies are lost when operations staff have to learn and use multiple monitoring tools to identify potential performance issues,” said Ali Siddiqui, general manager, Agile Operations, CA Technologies. “By providing insight across the performance of all of an organization’s IT resources in a single and unified view, CA UIM gives users the power to choose the right mix of modern cloud enablement technologies that can best support new endeavors that can contribute to business growth.”

Maximizing the value of hybrid cloud and dynamic infrastructures

“We are committed to helping our customers use cloud infrastructures to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their operations while improving the quality of the services they provide to their internal and external stakeholders,” said Kevin Langford, director, Managed Services, Sirius Computer Solutions. “More and more of our customers are looking to use cloud platforms such as Nutanix for private cloud and AWS for public cloud, and the comprehensive monitoring capabilities in CA UIM are key in enabling us to ensure the performance and reliability of the diverse set of private cloud platforms that can best support our customers’ top initiatives.”

CA UIM encapsulates the complexity of hybrid infrastructures by providing end-to-end visibility across on-premises, private or public cloud based infrastructures through a single console. The solution’s open, extensible architecture enables users to easily extend monitoring to new technologies or expand monitoring configurations of existing elements, thus eliminating the need to access and manage other monitoring tools that are brought in as new infrastructure technology is acquired.

“We provide our customers with flexible cloud services that lets them choose the features that are right for them – we see this is as key to aiding the success of our customers’ digital transformations” said Zafir Yousaf, Cloud Operations and Transformation lead, Telefónica UK Limited (O2). “CA Unified Infrastructure Management is at the heart of our cloud strategy and the new capabilities to support Amazon Web Services and OpenStack will be essential in helping us better optimise our customer workloads. We’ll become more efficient, while at the same time still meeting the full range of needs from both our internal and external customers.”

Enhancements to CA UIM’s monitoring coverage of AWS cloud infrastructures include billing metrics and support for additional services that provide deeper, actionable insights on performance. Also, to further help organizations achieve better operational efficiency and lower administrative costs, CA UIM provides:

  • Service-centric and unified analytics capabilities that rapidly identify the root cause of performance issues, resulting in a faster mean time to repair and better end user experience
  • Out-of-the-box support for more than 140 on-premises and cloud technologies
  • Easy to use templates for configuring monitors that can be applied to groups of systems

“EMA research has seen increased adoption of hybrid cloud infrastructure, which can lead to new challenges for IT operations,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst, Network Management, Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. “These new enhancements give CA UIM industry-leading visibility into a wide variety of infrastructure components and cloud services that are in use in today’s hybrid IT infrastructures.”

In addition, to ensure the reliability of modern networks such as SDN/NFV that connect and scale today’s hybrid cloud environments, the company offers CA Virtual Network Assurance, which provides extended visibility via a single view of dynamic changes across the virtual and physical network stack to improve performance, productivity and agility while accelerating new service deployments.

To learn more, join CA Technologies, IDG and industry experts on Thursday, June 23 from 12 p.m. ET to 2 p.m. ET, for the live virtual event, Does Your Cloud Strategy Deliver in the Application Economy?. To register for the event, visit

Additional Customer Feedback

“We offer and use various hybrid, private and public cloud services to meet the unique needs of our customers, so as a result our IT environment spans across multiple, dynamic, cloud based infrastructures and services including OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, SoftLayer, Docker and so on,” said Arnold Hoogerwerf, IT strategy advisor at KPN, a leading telecommunications company in the Netherlands. “CA UIM provides comprehensive capabilities that will enable us to ensure the reliability of our increasingly fluid and diverse IT infrastructure. It can also help us better pinpoint problem areas but more importantly: predict future capacity needs so we can scale up our environment or replace components before there is an issue that impacts the experience of our internal and external customers.”

“CA UIM has given us the ability to manage our cloud and dynamic resources with the same rigor as traditional resources,” said Jongho Kang, COO, Bespin Global. “By identifying over or underutilized resources across our cloud and on-premises infrastructure, we have been able to ensure high levels of IT performance and availability for our customers, thereby reducing costs and boosting their IT and business performance.”


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