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CA Technologies Helps Secure Health Care Delivery in Louisiana

Collaborative project promotes digital transformation in government through improved security and a seamless user experience

NEW YORK, August 15, 2017 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced its continued partnership with the State of Louisiana Office of Technology Services’ Enterprise Architecture project to implement identity and access management solutions across government agencies to further digitize and better protect state and citizen information.

The Louisiana Enterprise Architecture project is working to modernize and standardize IT services across the state’s 16 government agencies in order to streamline processes and enable engineers to more efficiently and securely run services and applications across networks. Launched in 2014, the project initially focused on improving the state’s Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment System for nearly 1.5 million Medicaid recipients, but has since become the standard for agencies statewide.

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO), a nonprofit organization that represents state chief information officers and information technology executives, recognized the importance of identity management in state governments and issued a State Identity and Credential Access Management (SICAM) Guidance and Roadmap to help state governments implement identity management to protect citizen data.

The implementation of the CA Identity Manager and Single Sign-On solutions was a key part of the initiative from the beginning and will continue to help the state create more secure government services. CA Technologies’ continued commitment to maintaining the highest standard in these solutions helps to ensure the state utilizes agile services that can flex across various networks and scale for future demand.

“Facing a challenging procurement process, budget restraints and federal mandates, we knew from the beginning that we needed to develop a system that not only works today for one agency, but would work for multiple agencies for years to come,” said Matthew Vince, chief design officer, State of Louisiana Office of Technology Services. “We also knew that, ultimately, for the system to succeed, it needed to be both secure and easy to use.”

CA Identity Manager oversees the authentication of users accessing government services. It prevents non-compliant provisioning activities and eliminates guesswork when providing role-based access to users. It provides the state’s citizens and employees with the access they need without compromising sensitive data.

CA Single Sign-On allows the State of Louisiana to offer a secure and seamless user experience to its citizens and partners by permitting them to sign on once in order to access all of their services.

“The Louisiana Enterprise Architecture project is a case study in smart government IT planning, design, and implementation,” said Mary Lou Prevost, Vice President, State and Local Government and Education Programs at CA Technologies. “We are proud to support the effort, and excited for future efforts that will provide secure government services for all of the state’s 4.6 million citizens.”

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