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Sustainability Report

CA is rewriting the future through software, and sustainability is central to our mission.

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What Drives Us

How can we transform the workforce of the future?

How will technology keep us safe?

How are we enabling the low-carbon future?

  • The Skills Gap

  • Industry Trust

  • Climate Change

The Skills Gap

Skills for the future workforce

In order to address the chronic skills gap within the workforce, we’re looking at the big challenges:

How can we transform the workforce of the future?

How do we fill the skills gap?

How can we make technology opportunities open to all?

of CEOs worry about their ability to hire qualified graduates in the future

(Source: GeSI System Transformation Report)

Our blueprint for success

Industry Trust

How can CA help restore trust within the industry?

To help restore industry trust, we’re looking at some of the most important ways that technology can improve our lives:

How can we open new career pathways for more people?

How will technology keep us safe?

How are we making our online lives safer?

believe technological innovations are happening too fast and are leading to changes that are not good.

(Source: Edelman Trust Barometer)

Our blueprint for success

Climate Change

Advancing the low-carbon economy

To do our part in advancing climate action and reducing emissions, we’re taking on some touch challenges:

How are we enabling the low-carbon future?

How can technology accelerate GHG reductions?

How do our GHG reduction goals measure up?

Digital solutions provide the potential to reduce global emissions by 20% by 2030 (GeSI)

Our blueprint for success

ESG Investor Information

CA’s ability to create value over the long-term is reflected in our sustainability reporting approach. The below resources align with our investors’ investment priorities, and address issues that are material to our business.

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