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It used to be that the best companies were built to last. But today, the most competitive firms are built to change. They’re built on software that allows them to thrive in a climate of constant disruption, short innovation cycles and ever-changing customer expectations. Modern companies don’t just use software; they’re powered by a “Modern Software Factory”—a whole new way of designing and operationalizing software development to drive competitive advantage.

The Modern Software Factory is where agility, automation, insights and security work together to power a company’s digital transformation in the application economy. This philosophy has sustainability built in—from the efficiency gained and time and resources saved through automation to the stability and security we’re providing to the digital economy that help enable business continuity.

In fact, sustainability is embedded in everything we do. As customers become more aware of the impact of IT on the environment, including IT’s use of limited natural resources, they are increasingly looking for solutions that are more resource-efficient. In the context of software solutions, “sustainability” largely refers to solutions that have been designed and built to minimize the consumption of resources during development, operations and maintenance. At CA Technologies, we work to maximize opportunities for our customers’ IT operations by providing an efficient platform that limits resource use—and the Modern Software Factory is at the heart of these efforts.

Key principles of the Modern Software Factory

Creating a Modern Software Factory involves far more than just technology and processes. It demands a highly agile and collaborative working environment—which in turn requires the right people, culture and structure. The key principles that underpin the Modern Software Factory are:


Delivering compelling experiences for customers means being able to respond rapidly to their needs. Methodologies such as agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery are essential to this capability. Enabling such fluid processes results in more efficient allocation of time, money and natural resources. CA Technologies products that facilitate an agile development environment include:

Agile Solutions. Agile management is the key to success in the application economy, but it can be hard to get started. CA Technologies has the expertise to help companies effectively implement agile practices and techniques as they evolve to agile. CA brings the most comprehensive solution to help companies gain the business agility required of the app economy and use it to their advantage. For example, our solutions include CA Agile Central, a platform that’s purpose-built for scaling agile development practices. This measures productivity, predictability, quality and responsiveness with real-time performance metrics.

Project & Portfolio Management (PPM). In the fast-moving application economy, agility and alignment are at the forefront. Without these attributes, it’s difficult to address top priorities with respect to growth, customers and workforce. Organizations need to know that they’re developing and delivering the solutions customers want, when they want them. That means aligning the right resources to projects and releasing new offerings on time and within budget—ultimately delivering value to the customer. CA Project & Portfolio Management (CA PPM) helps put the focus on team engagement and empowerment while promoting trust, visibility and accuracy.


The software development life cycle must be fully automated, optimizing both speed and efficiency. This calls for consistent and standardized ways of working, capturing feedback from users and other stakeholders, and communicating it to developers. CA Automation products include:

Release Automation. Today, the pressure is on for companies to transform how they deliver applications to market. Our Release Automation solutions offer release agility and speed without compromising quality and stability. CA helps customers deliver apps reliably on demand from development through production—mobile to mainframe. They can scale nimbly as the cadence, volume and complexity of the company’s apps grow. 

Workload Automation. In today’s app-centric world, customers expect apps to perform with a flawless user experience. CA is setting a new direction for data and application automation that better aligns with digital transformation. To help our customers deliver mission-essential services and thrive in the app economy, CA’s Workload Automation solutions focus on five key traits: speed, visibility, scale, predictability and security.

Continuous Delivery Director. You can only be as agile as your application delivery process. Continuous Delivery Director is a pipeline planning, orchestration and analytics solution that enables teams to eliminate spreadsheets, automate test processes and continually improve the delivery of revenue-generating features to end customers. It enables effortless, continuous delivery of high-quality, innovative applications from high-performance, collaborative teams.


Developers need processes to monitor, sense and respond effectively. And they need the analytical tools to enable them to receive feedback, improve software, and track the impact of the changes they make. Here are some of the ways our solutions help:

CA Digital Experience Insights. The user experience is a business’ competitive advantage. The quality of the user experience is dependent on the company’s ability to obtain the right insights to drive that amazing experience. This digital experience monitoring and analytics solution offers an integrated set of app experience analytics, application performance management and infrastructure management capabilities, and comprehensive monitoring and analytics.

CA App Experience Analytics. CA App Experience Analytics provides real-time insights that help customers optimize the entire user experience. Dashboards can be customized to offer specific insights. CA App Experience Analytics also enables developers to quickly determine which apps are experiencing problems on which platforms, devices, carriers and versions—then lets them view complete performance metrics to accurately establish whether the issue is with the design, with the code, or with the infrastructure.

Application Performance Management. CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) proactively monitors and provides insights into applications across mobile, Web, cloud, microservices, containers and mainframe. Patent-pending analytics provide root-cause diagnostics across development and production applications, simplifying and speeding up the process of finding and fixing issues. CA APM scales to an organization’s needs and automatically correlates multiple sources of data to help the organization sort through them and act decisively, helping to improve user experience and application performance.

Mainframe Operational Intelligence. CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence helps organizations prevent downtime and optimize IT operations by proactively detecting when systems are behaving abnormally and expediting problem resolution. This machine-learning environment uses a wide set of data collectors and data science algorithms to provide additional time on the clock to remediate potential issues before they impact your business.

Infrastructure Management. CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) proactively and efficiently manages modern, cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures. CA UIM is the only IT monitoring solution that provides intelligent analytics, comprehensive coverage and an open, extensible architecture. By leveraging the solution, an organization can improve repair times, reduce monitoring efforts, accelerate new deployments and improve the end-user experience.


CA is the market leader in helping our customers deliver and connect trusted applications to their users. We provide the core identity and access management technologies that authenticate your users to your apps and online services. We enable trusted access between your users and your apps—through continuous authentication and risk analytics that detect user, network and device risk automatically and transparently—making risk-adjusted access decisions and performing step-up authentication only when needed and with minimal friction to the user.

CA Veracode. Our CA Veracode products are the recognized industry leader in application security analysis and testing, identifying and eliminating open-source software risk and security vulnerabilities introduced in the code. And our “CA Verafied” application logo provides a visual trust marker to your customers, distinguishing your apps from your competitors’ as holding to the highest cybersecurity standards.

DevSecOps. This approach emphasizes security as something that everyone in an organization needs to be responsible for. It bakes security into the entire development process, from when the second coding begins all the way through deployment and beyond.

Customer Experience

A customer-centric mind-set is at the heart of everything we do. Delivering a superior customer experience (CX) is a core CA Technologies goal, one that is written into our promise to customers. A premier CX drives higher levels of customer loyalty, creates competitive differentiation and enables growth for CA. We call our customer experience strategy CX 2020. It’s our North Star, and we continue to make progress on this intersection of culture, code and experience. It’s how we inspire employees to build products that matter and wrap them in exceptional customer experience. Part of delivering a superior customer experience is our work as a trusted partner and advisor to help customers make the transition to a Modern Software Factory environment.

Our global CX program is based on the industry-standard Net Promoter System (NPS) methodology, which measures customer loyalty and provides actionable insights to improve it. Our NPS Score continues to rise on a positive trajectory. During the year, our NPS improved by six points over the previous year. All underlying drivers of the score, including Product Quality, Product Functionality, and Ease of Use, improved year-over-year. The percentage of customers who consider CA a strategic partner increased year-over-year. Our customer satisfaction score also improved over last year, with an average score exceeding 9 on a 10-point scale.

Many non-customer-facing employees have been involved in the Customer Engagement Program, through which they directly interfaced with customers to solve a problem and help improve their experience. 

This year, we asked all CA employees to use a custom app to record a video of themselves reciting the CA Mission Statement: “We eliminate the barriers between ideas and outcomes.” They were also asked to record a personal statement describing how they help remove barriers standing in the way of our customers’ success. The result is a vibrant, interactive digital “Mission Mosaic” video that brings our mission to life through our employees’ voices and highlights our dedication to our customers. You can watch the video here.

We also took the idea of customer-centricity a step further with the creation of the CA Design Center. This unique facility, which is located in our Santa Clara, California, office, invites customers to work with us face-to-face to design products. The Design Center breaks down customer problems so solution concepts can be designed. You see, we’ve found that engaging customers and collecting feedback dramatically reduce the time needed to create actionable innovations in our products, while increasing the likelihood of delivering value.

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