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Every day at CA is an opportunity to help shape tomorrow and to create a career path that will take employees wherever their talent leads. CA offers an innovative and mentally stimulating environment that allows employees to balance their work and personal lives in a diverse culture where ideas are openly shared and respected. And we’ve been widely recognized as one of the best employers in the industry by respected third parties.

To best meet our business and cultural goals, our HR organization has adopted a centralized structure that includes a Talent Development Center of Expertise. A centralized structure enables the consistent and standard delivery of corporate learning solutions, with the flexibility to localize content to accommodate regional goals and local customs, allowing the solutions to be relevant for all employees. Regional Talent Development Leads and local HR Business Partners support the execution of the programs.

Recruiting Talent

When recruiting candidates, we consciously try to avoid bringing in people who all think the same way, because we know we need new perspectives and different ideas. Our diverse candidate slate requires at least two prospects in every candidate pool in order to qualify as diverse. Similarly, we ensure that we have diverse representation among the interviewers. We’ve also stopped asking candidates what they’re currently earning, because we want to pay people for the job they’re doing—offering competitive compensation packages based on knowledge, skills and abilities helps eliminate any previous existing pay parity issues that may have been rooted in bias. All of these efforts are beginning to work. Last year, 13 percent of our senior management hires were multicultural women. In the last two years, we have increased the representation of women in technical roles by 14 percent.

Because we want to have the right culture to support our people and help them reach their full potential, we’ve done a lot of work around our company’s mission to help align all our people around their impact on our customers, whether they’re in a customer-facing role or not.

Finally, to show potential employees what it’s like to work at CA, we’ve built a website,, that enables them to learn about our culture, Mission and DNA, benefits, diversity initiatives, and opportunities to give back. The site also includes links to our CA Careers Blog, with topics such as Day in the #LifeAtCA, LGBT, Work-Life Balance, and Women in Leadership. Potential employees can learn about upcoming career events, create their own comprehensive Candidate Toolkit, and search and apply for jobs.

Talent Development

Our Talent Development strategy focuses on enabling CA Technologies to attract, develop and retain talent for organizational sustainability and scalability. Through an integrated approach to managing talent, building capabilities, and motivating and retaining skilled employees, we aim to strengthen our position in the market as an employer of choice. In direct alignment with CA’s business strategies, the Global Talent Development team drives and supports the company’s performance-based culture, and seeks to build an inspired workforce to serve our customers and deliver great products.

According to a 2017 report from a top research firm, employees who have been coached are 40 percent more likely to stay with the organization than are employees who have not been coached. That’s one reason we have implemented CA Spark, a coaching development experience grounded in neuroscience and focused on a growth mind-set. CA Spark builds the coaching capability of managers and peers through a five-week development experience that enables employees to learn from one another and to practice and apply key skills. Developing strong coaches who ask questions that spark creativity, drive innovation and tap into our employees’ full potential helps create an engaging workplace culture and positive business outcomes.

CA Spark consistently realizes strong survey results. Most recent feedback indicates:

  • 100% return on investment (the program is a worthwhile investment of participants’ time)
  • 88% Net Promoter Score (how likely participants are to recommend the program to a friend or colleague) – industry average is 48%
  • 100% feel that the program met or exceeded expectations and that they can apply the content, and on average they plan to apply 83% of what was learned

Our most recent Employee Opinion Survey results also show that CA Spark participants from this past year scored higher than CA Technologies overall in the dimension of employee engagement.

Leadership Development Program

CA employees are thinkers, makers and disrupters who help us develop amazing products. We’ve developed our Leadership Development Program (LDP) for them, to ensure a pipeline of highly capable leaders at all levels of our company. Target participants include mid-level managers and individual contributors who want to enhance their leadership capabilities and build skills for the future. Participants increase their self-awareness, reflect on and challenge their current ways of thinking, experience new ways of working that can optimize their chances of success, and learn from both senior leaders and others within the program.

Participants engage in learning opportunities to help them make business decisions regarding strategy and key performance indicators, and to practice leadership skills in decision-making, collaboration and risk-taking. The program consists of two three-day, in-person sessions, augmented by live facilitated webcasts, readings, team and individual assignments, and a business simulation. To harness the ever-increasing influence of social media and the application economy, we launched a mobile app to support the participants throughout their program experience and invite them to share their insights via social platforms, both internally and externally. In 2018 the CA-branded hashtag #LeadatCA was launched to increase networking and promote CA’s “employer of choice” brand.

While employee engagement scores for the company as a whole and for LDP graduates remained consistent, our most recent Employee Opinion Survey results indicate that LDP participants and alumni score higher than employees who have not participated in the program, in several areas: valuing multiple perspectives, motivation to go beyond what is normally expected to help CA be successful, being proud to work at CA, and decision-making involvement.

Based on feedback:

Participants feel overall job performance will improve by 60% as a direct result of the LDP.

96% of participants agreed LDP was a worthwhile investment in their career development (industry average is 72%).

78% Net Promoter Score – average of the two in-person sessions (industry average is 48%).

Participants said the top three areas the LDP has a significant impact on are:

  1. Increasing career development;
  2. Increasing employee engagement;
  3. Increasing productivity.

The effectiveness as managers for People Managers who go through the LDP is higher than People Managers who do not participate. Their employees are more engaged and indicate they are benefiting from a better work environment and an increased recognition culture, have better Pulse conversations, and are more involved in decision-making. These employees are also more motivated to go beyond what is normally expected to help CA be successful and are prouder to work for CA. 

Managing & Leading

Managing & Leading, a program for both new and experienced people managers at CA Technologies, is a social immersive manager skills development experience aligned to our Mission and DNA. It connects participants with an extended network to build knowledge through dialogue and communication in order to strengthen themselves and, in turn, to effectively manage and lead their teams.

In 2017, participant feedback for Managing & Leading indicated:

of participants feel the program met or exceeded expectations.

of participants said they can directly apply the content discussed during the program to be an effective manager at CA Technologies.

The Net Promoter Score was 78%
(industry average is 48%).

The most recent Employee Opinion Survey results indicated that Managing & Leading program participants scored higher than CA Technologies overall in the dimension of Employee Engagement.

Leaders at all Levels

Our award-winning Leaders at all Levels (LaaL) platform provides employees with resources to develop key skills centered on our Mission and DNA. The platform provides access to external and internal thought leadership and learning opportunities designed to increase the skill and engagement of leaders at all levels.

Our culture is
fast-paced. Our
teams are diverse.
Our approach
is collaborative.

Average Hours of Training

We offer several training platforms for our employees—from our contract workers to executive management—to develop expertise and skills essential for our long-term success. Our ability to manage evolving IT ecosystems and create innovative solutions for customers depends on our employees. As such, we place a strong emphasis on our commitment to provide employees with a supportive workplace and a variety of professional development programs. Across all employee levels, employees engaged in an average of 24.7 training hours through our corporate training programs in 2017.

Because it is challenging to deliver compliance training in an interesting, relevant and useful way, we developed a story-driven approach featuring a character named Griffin Peabody. Griffin delivers key compliance training lessons in short, humorous videos. Stories are an effective medium because people tend to remember stories more than they do facts and data—and because Griffin brings the subject of compliance to life as only Griffin can. We’re honored that our compliance videos have been recognized by compliance training publications, but we’re even more pleased that they are proving to be an effective way to provide training on this essential topic.


We provide employees with a compensation program that is market-focused, well balanced and performance-based—with incentives to deliver appropriately on both annual and long-term objectives.

Our compensation program aims to:

  • Align compensation with our business strategy and make it performance-based;
  • Establish and maintain pay levels based on proper and equitable evaluation of jobs, work performance and compensation paid within the marketplace;
  • Attract and retain talented employees whose effort and judgment are vital to the continued success of our company; and
  • Achieve a balance between global consistency and local flexibility.

CA in Focus: Deb Danielson

As the daughter of a professor of astrophysical sciences at Princeton University, maybe it was destiny that Debra Danielson would become a Distinguished Engineer at CA Technologies. “You might say my three sisters and I were raised in a STEM-friendly environment,” she says. “I found logic very logical and math and science were just part of everyday life in my family.”

In 1983, shortly after receiving her BA in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Boston University, she joined Applied Data Research as a software developer. Five years later, the company was acquired by CA—and Deb has been here ever since. Over the years, she has held a number of titles, from Vice President of Development to Senior Vice President of Emerging Strategic Alliances and her current position as Senior Vice President for Merger and Acquisition Strategy and Distinguished Engineer.

Today, a big part of her role as a Distinguished Engineer involves thought leadership. “I’m constantly watching for emerging technology and changes that can affect our business,” she says. “The rate and pace of acceleration is extraordinary.” In addition to her work at CA, Debra shares her insights as an executive advisor for private equity firm Strattam Capital, serves as Tech Council Member for Springboard Enterprises, and coaches and mentors start-up companies and start-up CEOs.

But one of her biggest passions is her position on the CA Accelerator Angel Board. “The Accelerator is a very exciting concept,” she says. “It allows us to identify and incubate promising new businesses outside of the existing model. Any CA employee can pitch to us, and if we like the idea, we fund it and coach and mentor them.”
Debra says she has the best job on the planet. “No two days are the same, and I get to spend them meeting with interesting companies, CEOs and CTOs who are changing the face of technology as we know it. Best of all, I get to work with an incredible group of people at CA.”


If you’d like to get a glimpse of what daily life at CA is like, just visit our Instagram feed, #LifeAtCA. A recent sampling included students working on Guppy Tank App Challenge presentations, an event in New York City where the National Association for Female Executives’ “top companies” were honored, and CA Security Day in Istanbul. But life at CA is much more than a hashtag—it’s about creating a more efficient, competitive and sustainable workforce by supporting both the professional and the personal goals of our employees. This is reflected in programs like our new pet benefits, our Montessori Program, and comprehensive wellness support for employees and their families.

Pet Benefits

In addition to our popular benefits for parents, CA offers pet benefits for pet parents. We think of them as best-in-breed pet benefits for CA employees’ fur babies. Employees can take time to appropriately welcome the addition (paw-ternity leave, if you will) or to grieve for the death of their beloved animal friends. We will also send a special gift bundle to welcome new fur babies to #LifeAtCA, at the employee’s request. You see, we understand how important it is to foster relationships between pets and their people by giving them time to bond. This benefit is another way in which CA is continuing to develop family-friendly benefits to make the company an even greater place to work.

Supporting New Parents and Caregivers

CA is implementing a global New Parent Leave Policy starting July 1, 2018, that offers all employees — both men and women — a minimum of 12 weeks paid leave during the first 12 months following the birth or adoption of a child. This new benefit enhances CA’s overall offering for families worldwide and strengthens our commitment to creating an inclusive culture that promotes gender parity.

Effective January 1, 2017, CA’s paid family medical leave (FML) time off was increased from 6 weeks to 12 weeks for other leaves that are otherwise unpaid, such as care for an ill family member or leave to care for self. We also provide a generous, fully paid phase-back-to-work program that enables employees to return to work gradually over a two-week period.

Balance Your Life

Our Balance Your Life health and wellness program is offered in partnership with CareAllies, a leading health solutions company, and is available to eligible employees, spouses and domestic partners. Our goal is to help participants better manage their health for a more balanced life at work, at home and at play. Balance Your Life includes:

  • A health assessment to help identify an individual's health risks;
  • Support for healthier eating and weight management;
  • Health advisors who work one-on-one to address participants’ health questions and concerns;
  • Support for managing and lowering stress;
  • Support for quitting tobacco use; and
  • Support for managing chronic health conditions.

We continue to offer wellness amenities—such as fitness centers and free exercise classes—at a number of CA Technologies locations.

CA Montessori Children’s Centers

For more than 20 years, we have offered our employees professional childcare and early education through on-site CA Montessori Children’s Centers. We now have eight on-site CA Montessori Children’s Centers around the world for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. We chose the Montessori philosophy because of its focus on the whole child and its emphasis on exploration, practical life experiences, individualism, a sense of independence, and the child’s control of his or her environment. 

Global Job Architecture

We have strategically aligned our job structures, job descriptions and job titles worldwide to:

  • Address employee survey feedback regarding existing CA Technologies job structures and to increase clarity, transparency and fairness in individual career planning;
  • Increase flexibility, productivity and accountability at CA Technologies through role clarity and definition;
  • Align CA Technologies roles and positions with well-established industry and marketplace standards; and
  • Provide more direct and evident comparisons of internal jobs to external salary and compensation standards and benchmarks to increase fairness and objectivity.

We also have established decision-making steps to govern and sustain our Global Job Architecture, a governance process designed to provide a consistent, structured, fair and transparent method for any alterations to the architecture.

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