Handling Links in JSON

Michael Holleran

The CA Live API Creator team has been working on our handling of links, and a lot of question have arisen. There is a lot of confusion over how to represent links.

One possibility:

"customer" : "http://rest.logicbeam.com/v1/customer/123"

The problem with that is that it's not immediately obvious to a program that this is a link (it could be a piece of text that just happens to be a URI), and even worse, this tells us nothing about what's on the other side of this link, or how we're related to it.
Another possibility is to have composite links, e.g.:

"href " : "http://rest.logicbeam.com/v1/employee/456",
"rel" : "owner",
"title" : "Owner",
"type" : "http://rest.logicbean.com/v1/employee"

This is much more descriptive, although there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the "proper" values for rel and type.

There is in fact a registry of "legal" values for the rel attribute, but a quick look at it should convince you that it's not all that useful in a REST/JSON context.
It's become quite common for JSON objects to include a links section, for example:

"name" : "Billy Bob's bait shop",
"address" : "123 Main st, Anytown, USA"
"links" : [
"href" : "http://rest.logicbeam.com/v1/employee/456",
"rel" : "owner",
"title" : "Owner",
"type" : "http://rest.logicbean.com/v1/employee"

This makes it very clear, but it's also rather verbose.

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