Mobile App Services Foundation for Mobile App Development

Sangharsh Aglave, Software Engineer

Welcome to CA Mobile App Services (MAS) blogs. MAS aims at saving your development time by providing complex mobile features wrapped in simple to use methods. Sounds interesting! So, stay with us for the exciting journey of using our MAS services for your Cordova-based apps. This blog post will walk you through the cool features of MAS, and will guide you to create a basic beginner app. Read more…

Messaging Services for Mobile Apps

Sangharsh Aglave, Software Engineer

The Mobile App Services (MAS) Messaging service lets you create collaborative mobile apps where the app users can send message to each other. Read more…

Mobile App Services Identity Management

Sangharsh Aglave, Software Engineer

Managing users and groups in an enterprise is a responsible task. Trust our Mobile App Services (MAS) Identity Management service to securely access users and groups from identity providers such as LDAP, MSAD. Read more…

MAS Storage Services for Mobile App

Sangharsh Aglave, Software Engineer

Mobile App Services (MAS) Storage services are the perfect solution for storing critical user or application data locally on your mobile device or in a private cloud using an enterprise-grade encryption. Read more…

A Mobile Hurdle in the Enterprise: A Case Study

Britton Katnich, Mobile Development Manager and Architect 

Recently our sales team was engaged with a large enterprise customer looking at our mobile solution.  The customer’s purchasing group was requiring support of iOS 7 and Android 4.0.2. On the surface this would seem a reasonable request. Read more…

iOS Frameworks: To Swift or Not to Swift

Britton Katnich, Mobile Development Manager and Architect

Last year we began the Mobile App Services (MAS) project by building foundational API on the back end and started with iOS support as the first supported client SDK.  During that time the decision was made to use Objective-C and not Swift to build our frameworks. Read more…

Mobile App Services Developer Conference

Britton Katnich, Mobile Engineering Manager and Co-Architect

Our inaugural Mobile App Services Developer Conference (MASDC) included an exclusive group of customer facing technical experts from our CA Presales, Customer Service and Professional Services teams for two days of technical presentations and business discussions. Read more…

The Real Challenge Enterprise Has With Mobile Isn't the Technology

Britton Katnich, Mobile Engineering Manager and Co-Architect 

Enterprise companies, large and small, continually produce an inordinate amount of failed mobile projects. Why is this?  Don’t they successfully produce many great products from other technology domains? Read more…

IoT Developer Experience

Leif Bildøy, Principal Product Manager 

Let’s zoom in on some relevant aspects of the Internet of Things, a topic hard to avoid these days. It turns out that you don’t need to go far to discuss use cases for IoT because our customers have been building out IoT solutions for some time with existing products like CA Mobile API Gateway. Read more…

Welcome to CA Mobile App Services

Leif Bildøy, Principal Product Manager 

On this MAS Developers site you can find product documentation, sample apps, tutorials, blogs, anything technical that is relevant to CA Mobile App Services (MAS) and CA Mobile API Gateway (MAG) which is the foundation for MAS. Read more…

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