Mobile App Services Developer Conference

Britton Katnich, Mobile Engineering Manager and Co-Architect

We recently had our inaugural Mobile App Services Developer Conference (MASDC).

An exclusive group of customer facing technical experts from our CA Presales, Customer Service and Professional Services teams were invited to fly into Vancouver for two days of technical presentations and business discussions presented by our Mobile team members. It ended with a hands-on development lab where the invitees and presenters worked together and took a deep dive into the usage of the Mobile App Services iOS and Android SDKs.

A great time was had by all and it was very valuable for everyone to acquire a clear idea of the overall picture of Mobile App Services and how it can be positioned in the Mobile Enterprise space.

We can hardly wait for the next one!!

Britton Katnich, Mobile Development Manager and Architect, CA Technologies

Britton Katnich is Mobile Development Manager and Architect at CA Technologies where he is responsible for overseeing the technical team that created the Mobile App Services product.

Prior to joining CA, Britton worked in a variety of mobile client roles including building and managing entire teams of mobile developers, quality assurance and related workers across the iOS and Android operating systems. Britton is also responsible for architecting solutions and remains an active iOS developer at an expert level. Britton has worked on mobile enterprise solutions to widely used commercial apps for such Fortune 500 companies as Staples, Costco, Walmart and Tesco in the United Kingdom. Prior to his life as a mobile developer, Britton spent the first ten years of his tech career architecting and building Network Management middleware solutions at Redback Networks (acquired by Ericsson) for their many Tier 1 telecommunication vendors worldwide.


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