CA Mobile API Gateway

CA Mobile API Gateway provides enterprises with a secure mobile backend that integrates systems and allows control over which users, devices and applications can access your APIs. The gateway enables developers to leverage standards for API security such as (OAuth2, OpenID Connect, PKI) through client SDKs.

CA Mobile API Gateway provides powerful features through SDKs and APIs for developers to help accelerate the app development process.

Secure API Calls

Protect APIs with Mutual TLS and control API access on application, user and device level.


Implement authentication with username/password, Facebook, Google, Twitter sign-in.

Second Factor Auth

Secure critical APIs with One Time Password.

Single Sign-On

Share user credentials between your apps without coding effort.

Enterprise Browser

Extend single sign on session to web applications.

Proximity Login

Transfer user session between devices and platforms.

Mobile Backend Services

Built for organizations that require secure messaging, storage and data sharing.


Create collaborative apps with secure, reliable messaging.

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User Management

Seamlessly integrate your app with an existing enterprise user directory.

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Private Cloud Storage

Store data in a private cloud and access it from all of your devices.

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Create real-time, IoT-friendly apps using an MQTT-based Pub/Sub infrastructure.

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Adhoc Groups

Create groups on-the-fly for collaborative apps.

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Local Storage

Store data on devices with enterprise-grade encryption.

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Fingerprint/Face ID Session Lock

Support phone unlocking using fingerprint and facial recognition.

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