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Dynamic Lab Support

Get support for fully functional practice environments that test and sharpen your skills.

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If you are experiencing any issues with the dynamic labs, please use the following phone numbers based on your region.

US: +1 800 225 5224

APJ: +1800 023 386

EMEA: +44 1753 245784

India: +000800 440 1901


If you are experiencing any issues with the dynamic labs, please use the following phone numbers based on your region.

US: +1 631 342 3955/Office x73955

APJ: +61 2 8898 2510/Office x82510

EMEA: +44 1753 242223/Office x22223

ITC Toll Free: +000800 440 2472/Office x73955

Perform Skytap Connectivity Checker for Virtual Learning Labs

Each student is required to test their local computer to ensure they pass the system requirements:

  • Run the Connectivity Checker here:
  • Select region “US-East” from the drop down menu and click on “Start Connectivity Checker.” The test may take a few minutes to complete. Note: only students in the Asia Pacific region should select “APAC” from the drop down menu.

In the event you fail the test, check the Skytap connection help links:

Improving Performance During a Browser Client Session

Use the following steps to improve the VM performance during a Secure Remote Access (SRA) browser client session.

Use Google Chrome

The browser client uses the Google Chrome WebP image format to reduce bandwidth requirements, which improves network performance for Chrome users.

Google Chrome provides the best performance for browser client users.

Change the display quality settings in the browser client toolbar

Change the display quality during a desktop session to adjust how much bandwidth your connection uses. To adjust the display, click  (Network Quality Indicator) in the toolbar and adjust the display quality.

VM Display Quality Settings

Highest display quality looks clearer but requires more bandwidth. By default, your VM uses the High image quality setting.

Lower display quality settings use more aggressive compression, which causes noticeable distortion within images and around text. Although the image quality is diminished, the connection consumes less bandwidth to provide better network performance.

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