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Certification FAQs

Gain a better understanding of the Certification from CA Technologies program.

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Where can I take a certification exam?

You can register to take an online proctored certification exam from your home or office, or schedule your exam at a Kryterion testing center location near you. Kryterion has testing centers in over 750 locations across the globe.

What is the format of a certification exam?

The certification exam is timed and comprises multiple choice questions. It is a proctored exam offered at a third party facility. Typically you will be presented with four answer choices, and you will select one correct answer. In the event there are two or more correct answers, you will be prompted to select the number of correct answers.

For how long is the certification valid, and what is the recertification policy?

Certification credentials are based on the major product release (such as r14), and the credential is issued as r14.x to account for subsequent minor point releases. There is no annual requirement to recertify for the same major release of a product (r14) or a minor point release (r14.1). An updated certification exam will be available for each major product release (r15, r16, and so forth). CA Employees and Partners are expected to get recertified for each major product release for which they require a credential.

  • Periodic updates to the exams ensure compatibility with minor point releases (such as r14.1).
  • On rare occasions CA Technologies may deem a minor point-release (such as r14.5) significant enough to warrant certification, in which case a new certification exam will be made available with the credential that bears that specific point release (for example, r14.5).

Which products have certifications?

Check the CA Technologies Certification page for a current table of products and related credentials. Click on the credential of interest to access resources that will help you prepare for the exam.

What is the duration of the exam?

The exams are generally 90 minutes in length.

How do I create an account and register for an exam?

Create your user account at You may use your account to take any number of certification exams.

How can I receive help and support with account creation and registration on the site?

Contact the Kryterion Testing Network Support team at 800-403-6199 (US and Canada) or +1 602-281-3591 Monday 7:00 a.m. through Saturday 7:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) or send an email to

How can I receive help and support with Online Proctored (OLP) Services? (Installing software; Biometric enrollment; Test launch process)

Login at and follow the instructions to prepare for your online proctored exam. You will need to install the Sentinel software and create your biometric profile, after which you can register for your exam and schedule a date and time. You must create your biometric profile at least 24 hours prior to your online proctored exam. Refer to the guide below to review the technical requirements for your external webcam, microphone, and computer:

If you have system or setup related questions the instructions are not able to answer, contact the Kryterion Online Proctored (OLP) Services Support team at

How can I receive help and support finding a testing center or finding available dates and times to travel to a testing center?

Contact the Kryterion Testing Network Support team at 800-403-6199 (US and Canada) or +1 602-281-3591 Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) or send an email to

Is there a cost associated with a Certification exam?

Yes, the price for a Certification exam is USD 150-200 depending on your country, and pricing is posted at in the online registration page.

How do I pay for an exam?

The exam fees are collected and administered directly through the KryterionOnline Webassessor website.

What is the cancellation policy and can I reschedule my exam?

If you registered to take your exam at a Kryterion testing center, you can cancel or reschedule your exam up to 72 hours before your scheduled exam time. To reschedule, log into your account at, click on the details of your registered exam, and select ‘Reschedule’.

If you registered to take an online proctored (OLP) exam, you can reschedule your exam up to 24 hours before your scheduled exam time. To reschedule, log into your account at, click on the details of your registered exam, and select ‘Reschedule’.

You will not be refunded any portion of the exam fee, or any portion of the value of a coupon or voucher, if you do not reschedule in time or if you miss your exam appointment. Exceptions will be made for bereavement or illness supported by appropriate medical documentation.

What happens if I miss my exam appointment?

If you miss your exam appointment, you will be charged the full amount and will not be eligible for reimbursement. Terms and details will be provided to you at the time you schedule your exam. Note for CA Technologies employees: If you use a voucher to register for an exam and fail to cancel or reschedule, CA Technologies is still charged a fee, and these charges are reported to CA Technologies management.

Do customers or partners receive discounts on exams?

No, there are no standing discounts available to customers and partners for the CA Technologies certification exams. The CA Partner Program may leverage the Cost Relief program during certain periods in order to distribute vouchers for nominal discounts. However, the exams are priced reasonably. Check for pricing by country.

Will customers or partners be reimbursed for exams?

No, there are no reimbursements available for the CA Technologies certification exams.

Can partners leverage the Cost Relief program for Certification?

Yes, the Cost Relief program applies to both training and certification. The Channel Account Manager must make a request online using the Partner Education Training approval form.

Do college students receive discounts on exams?

Yes. If you are a full-time college student in good academic standing, please contact us at and attach a JPEG image of your current student identification card. We will email you a coupon which will enable you to receive up to a 60% discount. You are limited to two coupons per 12-month period.

Are there any resources available to help me prepare for an exam?

Recommended Learning Paths and other resources are available to help you prepare for the certification exams.

Please visit the CA Technologies Certification page to download the Exam Study Guide that outlines the recommended training for each product certification and the topic areas tested.

Where can I register for product training?

Customers: You can register for product training through the CA Education Portal. To quickly access the recommended product training in the CA Education Portal, click on each course in the Learning Path.

Partners: You can register for product training through the Partner Catalog of the CA Education Portal. To access the Partner Catalog, log into Communities at CA using your partner credentials, go to CA Education, and choose “Find a Course.” It is important to note that unless you are logged into Communities at CA with your partner credentials, you will not be able to view the Partner Catalog. For questions, contact CA Customer Care.

What if I would like to take a course to prepare for certification, but the course is not available in the current course calendar?

You can study the information at your own pace. Alternatively, you can put yourself on the course request list, and with enough interest, a course will be made publically available. Go to the Course Catalog, find the course on the CA Education Portal, and click on Request Information to make your request.

Can I take an exam without taking preparatory courses?

Yes, if you feel you possess the required knowledge, you may register and take an exam. However, CA Technologies recommends that you take the associated courses, perform all labs, and gain hands-on experience prior to attempting an exam. Be sure and review the Exam Study Guide that shows the topic areas being tested.

When will I find out if I passed my exam?

After you have completed your exam, you will immediately receive a message by email with your score and a topic-level report.

What if I do not pass the exam on my first attempt? Can I retake the exam?

You may register for your first retake immediately. For subsequent retakes you are required to wait at least thirty (30) calendar days from the date of your last attempt.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can take an exam?

You are allowed two retakes for an exam, for a total of three attempts. Be aware that there is a waiting period between exams after the first two attempts.

If I did not pass an exam on my first attempt, will I receive a discount on future attempts?

The published fee associated with the first exam will be required for all future attempts. There are no discounts offered for multiple attempts.

Will I receive a Certification distinction? Where can I download my logo and diploma?

Yes, upon successful exam and certification activity completion, you will receive an email from CA Technologies with links to your logo and diploma, along with logo usage guidelines. Allow five days from the date you passed your exam to receive the links to your certification assets. During that time we also make sure our database record of your achievement is reflected correctly.

At that time you may also go directly to your secure learner account in the CA Education learning management system via the links below.

To log in and access your certification logo:

  • Go to Training Schedule in the CA Education Portal.
  • Click Start next to the Certification title to download the logo. Also included are certification logo guidelines, which explain the proper use of the logo to showcase your achievement. Please read this document.

To log in and access your diploma:

  • Go to Training Transcript in the CA Education Portal.
  • Click the diploma icon next to the Certification title to download or print.

Note: we do not send hard copies of diplomas as part of our Sustainability initiative.

Also, remember to register with CA Communities so you can proudly display your certification credentials with a badge on our CA Communities site. If you are already registered, your badge will appear automatically within four weeks.

How can a third party verify my certification status?

Your email report and CA certification diploma can be used to verify your certification status. If a third party requires verification, they may contact

Do the exams change, and do the topics covered by an exam change?

CA Technologies may modify an exam, test objective/topic, and the requirements for obtaining or maintaining certification at any time in its sole discretion. It is your responsibility to keep informed of such modifications. The posted Exam Study Guides identify exam objectives and serve as a basis for exam preparation.

What is the exam security policy at CA Technologies?

Only qualified candidates who demonstrate competency by successfully passing the CA Technologies certification exam will be awarded certification credentials. Prospective certification candidates are encouraged to prepare for the exam using the Exam Study Guide and other materials available on the CA Certification page.

To safeguard the integrity of the certification program, CA Technologies requires all candidates to behave in an ethical manner and to comply with the rules of the third-party test center for on-site proctoring and on-line proctoring. The validity of the certification program depends on the exam content remaining secure and undisclosed to other potential certification candidates. CA Technologies will not tolerate cheating, fraud, or misconduct, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Obtaining, whether through purchase or otherwise acquiring, unauthorized exam preparation materials from any non-CA website
  • Obtaining, whether through purchase or otherwise acquiring, unauthorized exam questions from any non-CA website, including brain dump websites
  • Acquiring or attempting to acquire exam questions through online communities, chat rooms, forums, and social networking sites
  • Acquiring or attempting to acquire exam content through CA Subject Matter Experts, CA Support Staff, or CA Certified Professionals
  • Using or attempting to use a proxy to sit for the exam in your place
  • Taking or attempting to take an exam for someone else
  • Receiving or giving assistance during an exam
  • Sharing exam questions or answers with a potential certification candidate
  • Violating testing center rules
  • Falsifying a diploma or score report
  • Using a CA Technologies certification logo or credential to which you are not entitled
CA Technologies reserves the right to take any actions it deems reasonably appropriate in the case of suspected misconduct or violation of the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, including, but not limited to, cancelling an exam result, revoking exam or certification status, terminating use of the Designation, requiring a candidate to retake an exam, banning a candidate from the certification program, and reporting misconduct to the candidate’s employer. CA Technologies considers cheating a serious offense that warrants disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

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