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Take a break from the daily grind this summer and learn something new.

Are you looking to get more out of your CA software? Do you want to become a CA product expert? With live and interactive virtual training led by our experienced instructors, you will learn what you need to grow your skills and do more with your CA software.

CA Education offers classes in both introductory and advanced levels, so whether you are new to a particular area or wish to increase your skillset, we’ve got you covered. Choose from a wide selection of virtual courses and become a CA product expert from the comfort of your own office, home or favorite destination.

Purchase training seats by using the links below, requesting a call from an education expert or calling us at +1-800-237-9273.

Very satisfied with the instructors and the assistance I received... I’m more proficient with the product after going through the courses.

Network Administrator, Federal Government

I have been through 3–4-day instructor-led classes and those were of tremendous value.

IT Administrator, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

Agile Operations

CA APM 10.x Foundations for Monitoring Performance 200

Aug 06–08

CA APM 10.x Foundations for the Administrator 200

Aug 09–10

CA Network Flow Analysis 9.3.1 Implementation 200

Aug 20–21

CA Network Flow Analysis: v9.3.1 Advanced Report Customization and Troubleshooting 300

Aug 22–23

CA Performance Management 3.5: Foundations 200

Jul 30–Aug 01

CA Performance Management 3.5: Multi-Tenancy 300

Aug 03

CA Performance Management 3.5: Self-Certification 300

Aug 02

CA Service Operations Insight r4.x: Foundations 200

Sep 04–07

CA Spectrum r10.x: Foundations 200

Aug 06–10

CA Spectrum r10.x: Optimization and Customization 300

Jul 16–19
Aug 20–23

CA UIM 8.5.x: System Administration Foundations 200

Jul 16–19
Aug 20–23

CA Unified Infrastructure Management V8.5.x: Advanced Presentation and Reporting 300

Jul 23–25


CA Automic Workload Automation Engine Administration

Sep 06–07

CA Automic Workload Automation Environment Administration Bundle

Sep 05–06

CA Automic Workload Automation Script 1 Bundle

Aug 13–15

CA Process Automation r4.x: Designer 200

Aug 20–22

CA Workload Automation AE r11.3.6 Warrior Education

Jul 23–26

CA Workload Automation AE r11.3.6: Foundations 200

Aug 06–08

CA Workload Automation AE r11.3.6: Installation 200

Jul 30–Aug 01
Sep 10–12

CA Workload Automation DE Release 12.x: Foundations 200

Aug 27–29

CA Workload Automation DE Version 12.x: Advanced Training 300

Aug 13–15

Continuous Delivery

CA Test Data Manager 4.4: Foundations 200

Jul 23–27


CA ACF2 r15: Intermediate Administration 300

Aug 06–07

CA Endevor SCM: Advanced Processor Writing & Advanced Topics 300

Sep 05–07

CA Endevor Software Change Manager: Administrators

Sep 17–21

CA Top Secret r15: Security Mainframe and Distributed Integrations 200

Sep 17–20

Project & Portfolio Management

CA PPM 15.3: Ad Hoc Views, Reports, and Dashboards 200

Aug 06

CA PPM 15.3: Integration 300 Bundle

Aug 20–23

CA PPM 15.3: Project and Investment Management 200

Sep 17–19

CA PPM 15.3: Resource Management 200

Sep 20

CA PPM 15.3: Studio 300 Bundle

Sep 10–14


CA Advanced Authentication r8.0: Foundations 200

Aug 06

CA Identity Suite 14.x: Identity Governance Foundations 200

Aug 30–31

CA Identity Suite 14.x: Identity Manager Foundations 200

Aug 07–09

CA Identity Suite 14.x: Identity Portal Foundations 200

Aug 27–29

CA Privileged Access Manager 3.x: Configuration Foundations 200

Aug 20

CA Privileged Access Manager r3.x: Administration Foundations 200

Aug 21–22

CA Single Sign-On 12.7.x: Foundations 200

Aug 27–29

Service Management

CA IT Asset Manager 17.0: APM Administration 200

Aug 13–14

CA IT Asset Manager 17.0: APM Configuration 200

Aug 15

CA Service Catalog 14.1: Process Automation Integration 300

Jul 25–27

CA Service Catalog 17.0: Administration 200

Aug 29–30

CA Service Catalog 17.0: Service Design 200

Aug 27–28

CA Service Desk Manager 17.0: Basic Administration 200

Aug 06–08

CA Service Desk Manager 17.0: Configure Change Management 200

Aug 10

CA Service Desk Manager 17.0: Configuring Incident and Problem Management 200

Aug 09

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