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Put your entire organization on the same page.

Align programs and teams to the outcomes that matter, with Rally Software® (formerly CA Agile Central).

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Connect everything to outcomes, align everyone to customer value.

In today’s fast-paced, disruption-prone markets, it’s not enough to simply optimize for feature delivery. Your organization must be aligned around the right outcomes and empowered to achieve them in the best way possible. Velocity and throughput count for nothing if you’re not delivering what your customers want.

Rally (formerly CA Agile Central) helps organizations align everything around delivering value to customers.

Work the way you want, understand your impact and stay ruthlessly focused on customer value.

With Rally, teams have the flexibility to work in whatever development methodology they choose. Every single person can see exactly what the high-level business outcomes are, how his or her work is contributing to them, and how it’s related to other work across the organization.


Strategic planning from the bottom up; one agile development team’s search for its purpose

Proactively manage dependencies and risks to create plans that take change in stride.

With Rally, planners and managers can orchestrate work across multiple delivery groups, trains, or programs from a single dashboard, while ensuring that all that work is aligned to business outcomes. Predictive analytics help them visualize complex dependencies and model potential solutions, creating realistic plans that can be easily adjusted in-flight.


New Technologies will Ensure Outcomes

Make informed decisions about your investments using real data.

With Rally, leaders can track work across different teams and programs and model tradeoffs and “what if scenarios” based on realistic data and a full understanding of dependencies. By ensuring all effort is aligned to the right outcomes, they foster a purpose-driven culture, where everyone is accountable for delivering value instead of just velocity.


Substance over speed: Time to rethink your agile...

Define your purpose. Create action. Deliver value.

The potential of agile isn’t limited to processes and efficiencies. Those are merely tools to help you reach the ultimate goal: delivering value to your customers.

Learn how modern businesses are refocusing—from top to bottom—on the outcomes that really matter.


From tactical to strategic

Learn how new ALM tools will shift focus from process to customers and business outcomes.


Become a purpose-driven organization

Hear from our Rally product leaders as they discuss the importance of becoming a purpose-driven organization, and learn how you can:

  • Align teams and empower them to innovate
  • Plan quickly, continuously and confidently
  • Create an outcome-oriented culture

Create your best plan and do your best work with Rally (formerly CA Agile Central).

Rally is an enterprise-class platform built from the inside out to help organizations scale their agile development practices and achieve better business outcomes.