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Teams work better together with CA Agile Central

Built to give visibility and flexibility to agile teams at scale, CA Agile Central gives teams the solution to plan, track, and report on agile work across the business.

Stay aligned across teams

Connect strategy with execution and make decisions faster. CA Agile Central helps teams align strategy, manage daily work, and track delivery in a centralized and comprehensive way.

Work Views give teams and stakeholders one place to find work faster and easier


See plans and backlogs for single teams and multiple groups across the portfolio using CA Agile Central’s Team Planning


CA Agile Central enables our teams to collaborate across multiple geographies and time zones, and take a consistent approach when progressing new projects.

Robbie Rivera, Agile Coach and Practitioner, Cisco IT

Meet deadlines and resource effectively

Understand how long a project will take and how many resources are needed to deliver on time. CA Agile Central helps keep teams on track.

Capacity Planning in CA Agile Central let teams visualize business priorities against capacity so they can balance work allocation & keep delivering value


See high-level progress in real time against delivery objectives using milestones, release and portfolio item views


CA Agile Central gives us a clear view of a complex program of development, top to bottom, which we never had before. We can now check our feature flow and operations in minutes whereas compiling the information using our previous tools would take days.

James Janisse, Vice President, NDS Maps and Update Service, TomTom

Build the right thing at the right time

Give decision-makers visibility into priorities, plans and work across their organization. CA Agile Central helps teams stay focused on the right outcomes and dissolve bottlenecks as they arise.

Team Boards provide visibility into work in progress, so teams and leaders know what is being worked on at all times


Release Planning shows how the prioritized features in each release deliver on the vision


The right solutions combined with cultural change bring agile practices to the enterprise

Learn how an agile evangelist helped transform Scottrade's culture.

Transform without changing every tool in the box

CA Agile Central integrates with plenty of tools you use every day.

Even more features that help you deliver

Learn more about how CA Agile Central helps teams prepare, plan and track their progress.

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We're here to help with every step of your agile transformation

CA Agile Central is just one of the products and services we provide to help agile teams of all sizes reach their potential.

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Ensure your successful agile transformation and ongoing advancement of agile principles through education and certification.

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