Agile Testing: Your Key to Better Software

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If manual steps slow you down, automation is your answer.

Automatically generate the optimal set of tests right from your requirements modeled as complete and unambiguous flowcharts. When requirements change, tests update automatically—so you can keep up with changing user needs.

Advanced requirements and test design automation can help you:


80 percent
increase in test coverage


30 percent 
reduction in test cycles


99 percent-plus 
reduction in time to reflect changes in tests

Remove ambiguity from your delivery pipeline.

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Is your testing lifecycle
stuck in the past?

Seventy percent of all testing is still manual. See how agile testing can help you achieve in-sprint automation—fast.

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How to Improve Test Case
Design with CA Agile Requirements Designer.

When you do think testing should begin? For best practices your organization should shift left – all the way left. Your testers should think about test case design before the first line of code is written in the requirements definition phase. Don’t let traditional testing be a bottleneck and learn how you can test at the speed of agile.

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Modeling and Automation for Clear Requirements.

Use In-Sprint Test Automation to Continuously Test at the Speed of Agile.

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Rabobank Improves the Customer Experience With Better Apps and Faster Testing Founded on CA Agile Requirements Designer.

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