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In-Sprint Test Automation

Test better, faster with agile testing practices so that you’re not lagging behind the development sprint.

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In-Sprint Test Automation: Making Test Automation and Development Happen on Day 1 of the Sprint

Oftentimes lagging behind the development sprint, Testers, Developers and Business Analysts struggle to achieve In-Sprint Test automation.

But what if you can make test automation and development happen in the same sprint?

Recognized as a top champion in Test Design Automation with the most comprehensive visual requirements modeling capabilities, CA Agile Requirements Designer helps agile testing teams reduce test creation cycles by as much as 75% and slash regression testing from 40 days to 3.

64% of defects traced to poor requirements

Source: Freeform Dynamics Research, 2018

70% reduction in test script creation cycle

Source: IT Central Station

Use In-Sprint Test Automation to Relieve Your DevOps Bottleneck

If you’re still writing and maintaining test automation scripts, chances are good that you’re lagging behind the development sprint.

Join this web seminar to learn how in-sprint test automation practices can help you:

  • Shift testing all the way to the left—to your business requirements design phase
  • Automatically generate test automation scripts for both open source and commercial frameworks
  • Achieve maximum coverage with the smallest set of test cases, directly from clearly modeled requirements

In-Sprint Test Automation Readiness Assessment

Many software professionals consider QA and testing the biggest bottleneck in agile and DevOps environments.

It’s time to break through the barriers to testing at the speed of agile by using in-sprint test automation. Finally, you can have your app development and test automation in the same sprint by applying In-Sprint Test Automation practices. Take this quick assessment to see if you’re on the right track.

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Application quality is routinely compromised by poorly defined requirements and slow, unsystematic testing. Many times, defects go undetected, leading to late rework, project delays and ultimately a poor user experience.

CA Agile Requirements Designer helps simplify the application of agile In-Sprint Test Automation practices throughout new or existing software development lifecycles. You can automatically create optimal test cases and test automation scripts right from your clearly defined requirements.

Sign up today and be on your way to a 30-day trial.

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