7 Use Cases for Meeting Test Data Challenges

Learn how to bring the power of the automated test data generation to your organization.

Don’t waste your tester’s precious time.

Finding or creating data manually consumes about 50 percent of a tester’s time. If you’re among the 70 percent of organizations still developing test data manually, it’s time to reshape your testing space.

Accelerating your test data creation can help you:


80 percent
increase in test coverage


30 percent 
reduction in test cycles


99 percent-plus 
reduction in time to reflect changes in tests

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Deliver innovation faster—with less risk and for less cost.

What makes an app great? Testing that ensures it does what your customers need it to do, every time. 

See how CA Test Data Manager helps you get the right data in the right format, faster than ever before.

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Break down the test data management market.

Bloor compares the competition and explains why CA Test Data Manager is the leading solution for achieving continuous testing.

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How to Better Manage Test Data with CA Test Data Manager.

Getting a handle on test data means having a complete test data management solution that adapts to your constantly changing testing needs. It also means identifying a solution that will meet the needs of multiple testers and testing teams while staying compliance with a host of data privacy regulations. 

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How to Succeed with Continuous Testing:
Advice From Real Users

QA and testing can form an obstacle to continuous delivery and deployment of high-quality code. Learn about the common challenges to Continuous Testing and hear results from real users who have used technology to overcome them. 


Bring automated test data generation to your organization.

Better Test Data = Better Applications.

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GM Financial Automates Thousands of Deployments a Month Through Continuous Delivery.

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See what you’ll save with CA Test Data Manager.

Discover how much our complete, end-to-end Test Data Management solution could benefit your company with a simple, five-question assessment.

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