Cisco ACI Monitoring

The Critical Guide to Modern Network Monitoring: A Handbook for NetOps Leaders and Practitioners

What is Cisco ACI Monitoring?

As a data center SDN underlay, Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) is helping to transform enterprise networking. It provides automation and programmability while removing the manual steps it takes to run a datacenter network along with centralization of the configuration of the network and abstraction that makes programming the network easier. Finally, it delivers infrastructure that is agile enough to allow the application experience to flow freely through the data center and to the end user.

Cisco ACI offers greater flexibility, dynamism and automation—but these constant changes can’t be seen with traditional networking monitoring tools. Next-generation networking technology like Cisco ACI requires next-generation monitoring.

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How to Assure Your Cisco ACI Deployments?
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Cisco and CA Technologies Partner for Comprehensive
ACI Assurance

Do you have complete visibility into the performance of your applications traversing your Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Fabric? Get comprehensive, end-to-end network coverage to ensure your digital transformation goals.

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End-to-End Cisco ACI Assurance Demo Series

View this webcast to see how the Network Operations and Analytics platform can help you unlock the full value of your Cisco software-defined environments.

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Tech Talk: IT Services Provider Embraces SDN and Relies on NetOps Solutions from CA to Ensure the Consumer Experience for Web Interactions

Does your website meet consumer expectations for an intuitive, beautiful, engaging experience? In this session, learn how this large financial services company has put that same trust in CA and its full-stack NetOps monitoring portfolio to continue its network transformation.

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Why is Cisco ACI monitoring important?

Cisco ACI will deliver more devices and interfaces on the network than ever before, using up data center resources. More devices means more noise on the network. Cisco ACI has 23,000 events defined within its architecture, including hundreds of unique messages and alarms.

CA’s Network Operations Analytics solution makes Cisco ACI monitoring easy, scalable and manageable for the Network Operations Center, which you to:

  • Operationalize SDN, with easy, operational troubleshooting workflows with less clicks to resolution.
  • Enable relationship triage to validate new inventories and topologies.
  • Monitor multiple data sources like flow, packet, SNMP, performance, REST and any non-SNMP protocols.
  • Correlate network impact to applications and critical business services, via high speed and high scale packet analysis.
  • Correlate ACI events, reducing the noise and dumping none-critical alarms for pin-point focus on triage.
  • Deliver a unified operations experience, with easy correlation of network health with faults and events.


Global 500 Banking Company

“CA offers proactive and predictive monitoring that supports more timely initiation of problem research, while depth of metric data supports investigation and zeroing in on the problem area more quickly. "

SDN Monitoring Rated Superior

“71% of surveyed IT organizations rated CA Performance Management’s monitoring virtual networks as significantly better than competitive products.”

Source: TechValidate.


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