SD-WAN Monitoring

The Critical Guide to Modern Network Monitoring: A Handbook for NetOps Leaders and Practitioners

What is SD-WAN Monitoring?

You should monitor SDN-WAN because SD-WAN is a specific application of SDN that is applied to the WAN and used to connect enterprise networks, including branch offices and data centers across geographies. The technology facilitates the replacement of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) with internet, enables direct access to the public cloud from remote sites, and supports infrastructure consolidation through network functions virtualization (NFV). The end result is a network that improves global application performance.

As more critical applications migrate to the cloud, network monitoring tools need to provide visability into the performance of SD-WAN deployments, the associated applications and service chains—as well as the legacy networks supporting all of it.

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Why is SD-WAN Monitoring So Important?
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Successful Network Operation Strategies for WAN and SD-WAN Deployments

An EMA report that will help network operations teams with:

  • Recommendations on how to address the unique challenges that SD-WAN presents to network operations
  • Strategies needed to evolve network performance monitoring tools for successful SD-WAN initiatives
  • Enterprises are transforming networks with SD-WAN with an expectation of improved global application performance – How can CA Technologies help?
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Industry Expert Panel Discussion: Are you ready for SD-WAN? 

Join us for this panel discussion featuring the following speakers:

Shamus McGillicuddy – Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates, (EMA)
Fred Estienne – Managed Solutions Architect, Bell Canada
Paul Kohler – Director, Technical Alliances, Cisco
Tim Diep – Director, Production Management, CA

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Hear what the experts are saying about SD-WAN.

CA Technologies wanted to get a better understanding of just how easier SD-WAN technologies makes the job of network operations, so we worked with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and developed this infographic to ask the question…Are you really ready for SD-WAN?

Why is SD-WAN monitoring important?

As SD-WAN supports the cloud workload migrations, network monitoring tools must provide insights into these new architectures. It is essential for network operations to trace the root cause of performance problems to the cloud provider, the service provider network or the internal enterprise for reduced service disruptions. 

In a single operations dashboard, Network Operations Analytics from CA delivers a full stack monitoring and analytics platform for assuring traditional WAN and SD-WAN, which provides: 

  • SDN relationship mapping, which enables easy NFV management
  • Validation of traffic decisions, made by SD-WAN intelligence
  • Easy troubleshooting workflows, to assure SD-WAN health
  • Unified monitoring of both SD-WAN and traditional WAN

    Gartner, 6 Critical Questions to Ask on SD-WAN

    Network Operations teams responsible for designing WANs are interested in SD-WAN products for improved branch resiliency, application performance and reduced costs. In this brief, Gartner answers the most common questions on SD-WAN deployments.


    Government Employees Insurance Company

    “GEICO switched from BMC to CA because it addressed the need for predictive analytics and improved capacity planning.”

    Source: TechValidate.

    Global 500 Telecommunications Services Company Improves Network Insight by Switching from HP to CA

    "CA provides a better overview of the performance of all network components and ports.” 


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