Continuous Delivery Requires Smart Test Orchestration

Automate testing with your release cycle—and enable adaptability and insight for smarter test orchestration and lower-risk releases.

Testing stuck in legacy mode? Shift left. 

If you’re relying on manual processes, it’s time to bring in more automation and start intelligently testing apps. You can now build more efficient Continuous Testing frameworks for quality delivery and be in complete control—ensuring the right tests are run in the right environments at the right time.

Why Traditional Testing Practices Are No Longer Relevant.

As the frequency of application releases increases, the growing number of test cycles becomes a glaring bottleneck in the process. Learn how you can shorten your testing cycle and engineer intelligence in your release process to:

  • Discover issues as early as possible.
  • Fail fast.
  • Release on time with better quality.

3 Keys to Mastering the Metrics of Digital Transformation.

The success of your business depends on how well you produce code. Discover how to measure your code production, and how to leverage those insights to improve your business’s ability to compete against your most innovative and disruptive rivals..

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The Fundamentals of Intelligent Continuous Testing.

Wondering how to get to Continuous Testing? CA Continuous Delivery Director helps with testing orchestration, transparency and analytics, and gets you started on your way to more efficient testing and better application quality. Watch the video and learn:

  • The challenges and way forward to Continuous Testing
  • The value of test orchestration
  • How it’s critical to take advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence to turbocharge your testing


Build More Efficient Continuous Testing Frameworks for Quality Delivery.

Intelligent Continuous Testing: Three Ways to Get Smarter About Your Testing Practices.

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TASC Relies on CA Automation to Orchestrate Application Releases in the Cloud.

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Make your release planning and management as agile as your development.

What’s the benefit to your organization? The CA Continuous Delivery Direct Benefit Value Calculator will tell you with a simple, four-question assessment.

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