Democratize Your Performance Testing Platform

Learn about the open source, enterprise-ready modular platform that is tool chain friendly.

Your business never stops. Now your testing won’t either.

Stay ahead of the market by democratizing performance and function testing of Web, mobile, microservices, APIs and more—all over a single, integrated tool chain. The DevOps practice helps agile development teams:

  • Run open source, load performance and API tests continuously—anytime, anywhere.
  • Operate current testing platforms at an enterprise-level scale.
  • Align current platforms to open-source tools and best practices.
  • Adopt next-generation SaaS testing solutions for the modern software development lifecycle.

How much are non-responsive apps costing you?

Slow-running apps can lead to a poor customer experience and lower revenue. Learn how deploying BlazeMeter can provide a return on investment for your enterprise with insights from the latest Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, commissioned by Forrester Consultation.

Shift left to deliver quality
apps faster. 

A global survey of software developers and testers found that a majority of companies are releasing major bugs to customers on a regular basis. Read the report and gain more insight into which processes are effective and which are becoming obsolete for companies adopting modern development and deployment practices. 

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How to Improve
Performance Testing. 

CA BlazeMeter is a continuous performance testing solution that helps DevOps teams in their journey to Continuous Testing. By shift testing left and moving to Continuous Testing you can have both speed and quality—while also reducing costs.

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Converting is easier than you think.

Watch the webcast to learn how a new and free tool can enable you to convert your existing LoadRunner VuGen or TruClient scripts to Apache JMeter™, Selenium and Taurus. 


Democratize Your Performance Testing.

451 Research: Shift Left—How Testing Early and Often Is Best for the Business and the Customers It Serves.

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How Piksel Uses BlazeMeter for Continuous Performance Testing and Analysis.

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View Blazemeter in action in this demo simulation.

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How the Royal Opera House Deals With Massive Traffic Spikes Every Performance Season.

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Upic Accelerates Performance of Key United Way Donor App by Nearly 50 Percent With CA BlazeMeter.

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