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Powering Trek-Segafredo to Beat the Competition

CA is the official technology partner of Trek-Segafredo.

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A global partnership rooted in continuous innovation

The world of cycling is driven by data. It’s critical in improving how teams train, collaborate, perform and win. As their official technology partner, we offer solutions and services that enable them to sprint towards their goals.

What’s behind Trek-Segafredo’s competitive edge?

We can’t control the length of the competition. We can’t control the weather on the day of the race. We can’t control how fast the other cyclists ride. What we can control is the data and technology that drives cyclists forward. CA empowers the team with the competitive edge they need to win.

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Who’s Behind You? CA Technologies and Trek-Segafredo

Pro cycling demands agile solutions.

The world of professional cycling requires agile transformation. A winning team is one that can adapt and transform to the challenges of the sport. To succeed in professional cycling, you need an organization behind you with the solutions and tools that enable agility at scale.

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CA Technologies Behind Trek-Segafredo

Athlete data is a competitive advantage. We are just at the beginning of how CA Technologies is evolving/changing pro-cycling. There’s a lot of areas in cycling that can be improved with technology. Some are very simple, and with the help of CA we have begun to implement them.

Freddie Stouffer, Operations Manager, Trek-Segafredo

CA Project & Portfolio Management helps the team plan for success.

CA Project & Portfolio Management accelerates Trek-Segafredo’s strategy planning and management. The intuitive dashboard offers secure and up-to-date access to team members data on everything from training to health and logistics.

Flowdock enables effective collaboration.

With over 70 staff and teams of riders around the world, Trek-Segafredo needs an agile and organized communication tool that can keep track. Flowdock connects the team members and support staff with seamless communication ensuring effective collaboration across the global team.

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