Power Continuous Testing Through Service Virtualization

Evolve your testing approach to enable high-speed, high-quality app.

Service Virtualization 

There’s no time for second-guessing in your test environment.

Simulate unavailable systems and create virtualized services across your entire software supply chain. Virtualization helps developers, testers, and integration and performance teams work efficiently and contribute more value to the overall development process. 

Drive continuous testing.

The DevTest framework for service virtualization from CA can help create stronger, more empowered development and testing teams. Read the eBook to discover how you can shorten your development and testing cycles to:

  • Reduce time to market.
  • Improve quality.
  • Reduce infrastructure spend.
  • Mitigate risk. 

Are your software engineering teams out of sync? 

Elevate quality and promote synchronicity across enterprise architects, developers and testers with service virtualization. Explore the voke Impact™ report to learn how teams can benefit from sharing virtualized services across the entire software supply chain. 

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How to Remove Software Development Constraints with
CA Service Virtualization.

Service Virtualization from CA Technologies reduces dependency on existing infrastructure by virtualizing all development and testing dependent systems. And allows access virtual versions of 3rd party systems that cost per access, especially in performance level testing.

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Creating Virtual Services for the Test Environment

The Best (Not so Well Known) Use Cases for CA Service Virtualization.

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See what you can save with CA Service Virtualization.

Discover how a flexible solution can create greater efficiencies within your organization, driving more value and customer loyalty in the long run. 

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