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Canada Privacy

Last Updated: January 31, 2016

CA Canada operates throughout Canada with its head office in Thornhill, Ontario and other offices in Ottawa, Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia and Montreal, Quebec. CA Canada is an affiliate of CA Inc. (“CA”).

Except when otherwise permitted by law, we obtain your consent prior to collecting and, in any case, prior to using or disclosing your Personal Information for any purpose. You may provide your consent to us either orally or in writing. We will obtain your express consent for Personal Information and to send you emails about our programs and offerings (unless you fall under an exception under the Canadian Anti-Spam Law). Your consent may also be implied in certain circumstances, such as in the case where you provide our representatives with your phone number or email address so that we can contact you, or you are an existing customer of CA and we have obtained your information as part of your existing business relationship with CA. Except when otherwise permitted by law, we will only use the information for the purpose for which it was given. From time to time, we may collect, utilize or disclose your Personal Information based on your consent and as otherwise permitted by law.

You can withdraw consent at any time (unless withdrawing the consent would frustrate the performance of legal obligations) and upon providing us with at least 30 days of prior written notice. However, the withdrawal of your consent may impact on our ability to serve you and to maintain our relationship.

In any marketing communications sent to you we will include an easily exercisable “opt-in” function and will offer a way to unsubscribe from any marketing communications.

Please visit the Privacy Notice page for information on CA’s privacy position.