Advanced Monitoring for Situational Awareness in IT Operations

Peter Waterhouse

This edition of Software Confidential is by Peter Waterhouse, Senior Strategist at CA Technologies. Peter covers key trends such as DevOps, mobility, cloud and the Internet of Things.

IT Ops Needs Situational Awareness.

In the age of mobile, cloud, IoT and microservices, IT operations pros need to develop ever-greater situational awareness. This is a skill vital to jobs ranging from air traffic controller to undercover intelligence agent. But in today’s complex, constantly changing IT environments, having a full grasp on what is happening and what its significance is can be extremely challenging.

Automate Monitoring.

In complex IT environments, knowing what to look for is a challenge and that conventional rules-based monitoring can’t meet. It’s one thing to observe the many events that are taking place but quite another to pinpoint what is relevant, particularly when the environment is constantly changing. Therefore, IT organizations need new automated analytical tools built for flexibility.

Implement Advanced Diagnostics.

For automated monitoring to be successful in today’s IT landscape, it will need to implement advanced analytical tools that can detect anomalies in order to diagnose and address performance issues. These tools will also need to serve up actionable diagnostic information to the relevant stakeholder at the right time.

By Peter Waterhouse | 06 Dec 2017

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