Cornerstones of an Effective API Management Strategy

Ian Clark

This edition of Software Confidential is by Ian Clark, Senior Director of API Management Solution Sales at CA. As business unit leader for the EMEA region, he is responsible for accelerating adoption of the company's API management solutions.

Build a Robust API Management Infrastructure.

By opening enterprise data for reuse in new applications, APIs empower companies to be quicker to market with more powerful innovative apps. However, success with an enterprise API program requires the adoption of tools and processes that address the challenges associated with creating, testing, publishing, securing and managing APIs throughout their full lifecycle.

Implement Strong Security.

By their very nature, APIs create entry points to valuable (and potentially sensitive) company and consumer data. Therefore, it is essential that your API management infrastructure ensures that the right users, apps and devices have the right levels of access control and authentication, thereby preventing unauthorized user access. To avoid costly security lapses, build security controls into your API program from the start, using a security-by-design philosophy.

Plan for Scalability and Performance.

To maintain a superior user experience for the developers who leverage your APIs and the consumers who rely on the apps those developers create, your scalable API management infrastructure must include monitoring and management capabilities that ensure performance is not compromised, especially when API usage starts to grow significantly.

By Ian Clark | 24 Jan 2018

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