Create New Value from Your IT Investments

Otto Berkes

This edition of Software Confidential is by Otto Berkes, Chief Technology Officer at CA. Otto is responsible for technical leadership and innovation, further developing the company’s technical community and aligning its software strategy, architecture and partner relationships to deliver customer value.

Get Maximum Value from Existing IT Assets.

Optimizing the return on existing IT investments should be the first step in ensuring you have the additional budget required to fund new investments focused on building your software factory. Restructuring and reprioritizing existing investments can create significant savings that can then be redirected to fund existing and new projects with the greatest business potential.

See the Bigger Picture.

Rather than seeing tech investments as a series of silos, it is vital to take an integrated approach that evaluates the entire technology portfolio. Seeing the relationships between existing technologies and investments will provide insight for funding new investments within an existing budget and will also ensure that the potential wider impact of investment changes can be thoroughly understood.

Focus on Business Value.

You must be able to objectively evaluate every single IT project based on the real-world value that it provides in the current business context. Identify low-value efforts that detract from your ability to invest in innovation that really matters. Also, identify and focus your resources on technology projects that are actively and measurably contributing to business success.

By Otto Berkes | 24 Jan 2018