DevOps and Cloud Computing: Exploiting the Synergy for Business Advantage

Get up to 81% better overall software delivery performance by using both.

A new Freeform Dynamics survey of nearly 1,000 IT decision-makers around the world shows what happens when organizations practice DevOps in conjunction with using Cloud-based tools and delivery models. When compared to users of just DevOps or Cloud alone, combined users see:

  • 81% improvement in overall software delivery performance

  • Almost 2x faster software delivery speed.

  • 80% better predictability of software performance.

  • 66% improvement in software quality for fewer defects.

  • 69% improvement in customer experience than baseline of traditional software development and delivery models.

  • More than 2x better cost control for the tools and services that DevOps teams actually use.

Read the research report to discover the compelling case for adopting both DevOps practices alongside Cloud-based delivery tools and models as part of your IT strategy.

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