Driving Disruptive Innovation in a Demanding B2B Environment

When excellence, collaboration and continuous improvement are in your DNA.

With many people talking about disruption and innovation as if these concepts were invented to serve the needs of the digital economy, it’s easy to forget that some companies have been in the disruption game for decades. As part of a larger research effort, industry analyst Freeform Dynamics caught up with a senior manager responsible for the innovation program in one such organization. The lesson Freeform Dynamics learned was that even if you have a strong heritage of driving leadership through change and innovation, digital transformation in response to the latest technology and market developments is still critical for ongoing success.

As a leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and servicing of high-value specialist equipment, the organization has a strong culture of innovation and delivery excellence. The executive provided some great insights. He alluded, for example, to the fact that no matter how capable, it is hard for any single company to drive genuine industry change without collaboration and a focus on the ultimate customer experience.

To learn more about the potential and practicalities in this fast moving industry, download the full conversation below.

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This interview is part of a broader global Digital Transformation study “Exploiting the Software Advantage: Lessons from Digital Disrupters”. 

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