Essential Elements of Digital Experience Monitoring

David Hardman

This edition of Software Confidential is by David Hardman, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager for Agile Operations at CA Technologies. David has over 25 years of experience in technology, spanning the disciplines of software development, product management and product marketing.

App Experience Analytics.

A holistic approach to monitoring can help you deliver premium app user experiences. The core of this will be user experience (UX) monitoring across all app channels. More specifically, this could involve tracking user visit, journey and usage data. It might even involve analyzing video capture of users’ in-app behavior. Meanwhile, crash reports will help you identify negative UX.

Application Performance Management.

For more detailed insight into how apps are performing and where sub-optimal performance may be impacting UX, an application performance management (APM) solution can be extremely useful. With a full-functioned APM solution, you get automatic problem discovery, evidence gathering and workflows that assist with the triage of application issues.

Infrastructure Management.

Most apps draw on backend resources, so monitoring performance at the infrastructure level provides valuable insight. Whether your backend runs on-premises or in the cloud, infrastructure visualization, predictive alerting and other advanced tools can help optimize UX. Also, using a solution that integrates the essential elements of UX monitoring makes it easier to identify infrastructural issues.

By David Hardman | 23 May 2018

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