Eurosport Rides on Data

How APIs and sophisticated analytics put cycling fans in the saddle.

Gearing up for the 2017 cycling Grand Tours, Eurosport wanted to give fans an immersive second screen experience that provided unprecedented real-time access to the races and riders. They turned to CA Technologies to help manage the data and ensure the experience delivered amazing results at every turn.

It Starts with Data

Creating a truly immersive experience meant Eurosport needed to collect a large volume of data from many different partners and sources, each of which has its own way of packaging the information. They decided to use CA API Management tools to efficiently collect, manage, standardize and publish it.

Data providers and data itself evolves over the races, increasing the complexity. It was therefore crucial for the success of the project to benefit from a tool that allowed us to manage this complexity and to let our teams focus on the design and development of the UI.

— Boris Darlet, Eurosport Content Platform Manager

This robust collection of APIs added a fourth dimension to the viewing experience, showing not only a rider’s current location, but also their real-time biometric data. For the first time ever, it was possible to see see just how hard riders exert themselves to stay in contention throughout a race.

Deep Analytics Drive a Better Experience

To ensure the experience was the best it could be, Eurosport used CA App Experience Analytics (AXA) to monitor global usage in real-time, allowing them to collect instant insights, spot issues quickly and improve things on the fly.

“The A.X.A. SDK really only requires a few minutes to integrate,” said Vincent Fulmar, Eurosport Mobile Apps Technical Manager. “The way it can be used on Android has simply surprised our dev team. The wrapping process is so easy and allows us to access a very good level of insights from the app usage without modifying the code.”

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Eurosport and CA: a Winning Team

And the Winner is…

With hundreds of thousands of views and counting, the Eurosport second-screen cycling experience delivered on its promise to give fans a first-of-its kind view of the Grand Tours. For the Eurosport team, working with CA was a way to not only create and manage a powerful digital experience, but to dramatically simplify the process.

According to Thomas Hauchecorne, Head of Product at “CA Technologies’ products are easier to use than the average software we’ve used to integrate on our digital platform. A complete and clear document provided allowed for rapid installation and management of the product. Implementation is easy and each time we had questions, we benefited from very reactive and efficient support from real CA experts.”