How a Bank Optimizes the Use of Customer Data

The value of insight, the importance of trust.

Mobile, social and other digital channels are now an integral part of customer engagement. As expectations evolve, harnessing both internal and external data to create a deeper understanding of the customer is fundamental to success. Tools and techniques that take analytics to the next level have huge potential, but abuse their power and you risk undermining trust and damaging the very relationships you were looking to enhance. This Freeform Dynamics case study explores how one major European bank demonstrates that it is possible to generate rich insights that drive mutual benefit.

The banking sector is becoming ever more competitive and major banks worldwide have to deliver services designed to meet the expanding expectations of their customers. But retail banks must also ensure they provide the customer care their customers expect as switching banks becomes less challenging than at any stage in the past. All while improving profitability in a time of severe financial constraints and in an age where customers expect to be able to access banking services around the clock, everyday.

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