How Agile and DevOps Enable Digital Readiness and Transformation

Learn best practices from the agility masters.

In the digital economy, every organization needs to be as agile and flexible as possible to address changing customer demands and user expectations. For many, this means implementing agile and DevOps practices across the entire organization, not just within IT. This provides the organization with the flexibility to compete effectively, deliver what its customers expect and ultimately grow the business.


CA Technologies commissioned Freeform Dynamics to survey nearly 1,300 senior business and IT leaders to uncover the organizations that are best able to leverage agile and DevOps practices broadly, deeply and consistently—the “agility masters”.

What do these agility masters have in common? Compared to their mainstream peers they are:

  • 2.3x more likely to have a culture to support risk-taking
  • 2.9x more likely to have software teams skilled in the latest tools and trends
  • 2.5x more likely to have IT and business executives aligned on key goals

As a result, the agility masters have a 60% higher rate of both revenue and profit growth than their mainstream peers.

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How Agile and DevOps Enable Digital Readiness and Transformation

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