How Software Developers Can Become Cybersecurity Engineers

Ayman Sayed

This edition of Software Confidential is by Ayman Sayed, President and Chief Product Officer at CA Technologies. Ayman is responsible for the strategy and development of CA’s full portfolio of enterprise products and solutions. His mandate is to focus on building a differentiated product portfolio meant to help CA customers solve their most difficult business problems in the application economy.

Embrace Your Development Skills.

When you're looking to enter a cybersecurity career, having a background in non-security-related development can be extremely helpful. It will give you a more well-rounded perspective than someone who has only focused on security for his or her entire education or career. Take a course on application security and educate yourself on the latest trends in security.

Educate Yourself and Executives on Business Benefits.

By educating yourself, you will be more security savvy and the process of secure development will go faster. Through educating executives on the business-level benefits of security, it will be easier to get their buy-in on your training efforts. They’ll be able to assist in making organization-wide changes that will make the prioritization of security easier.

Own the Security of Your Code.

Take responsibility for the security of your own code. Don’t let the final quality check department be the only place where security is considered and evaluated. By incorporating, acknowledging and testing for security early and throughout the development process, it will be easier to fix any potential future vulnerabilities in the code.

By Ayman Sayed | 25 Apr 2018