How to Build a Framework for Business Success with APIs

Bill Oakes

This edition of Software Confidential is by Bill Oakes, CISSP and Director of Product Marketing for API Management at CA Technologies. Bill focuses on product strategy and success.

Design a Developer-Centric API Strategy.

An API strategy should be closely aligned to the enterprise’s business goals. These goals will vary, but the success of every program will depend on its usefulness to the developers who will build apps against the APIs. Therefore, it is vital to define a target developer audience, engage this audience and make it easy for them to use your APIs to create apps that add value to your business.

Design API Architecture to Scale and Evolve.

The key to successful API architecture is ensuring your APIs are scalable and evolvable—able to grow with your business and adapt to changing requirements over time. This is not just about scaling up to a maximum capacity. It’s about right-sizing the interfaces and the API infrastructure, and maintaining the flexibility needed to support changing business and technical needs.

Optimize API Operations.

An enterprise-grade API management system must address the two fundamental tenets of effective API operations: manageability and security. The system should enable manageability by making it easy to monitor and control an API’s activity. It should also ensure that the API is secure—meaning that the interface only gives the right consumers access to the right resources.

By Bill Oakes | 06 Dec 2017

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