How to Build an Agile Ops Team

Ron Gidron

This edition of Software Confidential is by Ron Gidron, Product Marketing Director of Release Automation at CA Automic. Ron’s passion lies in the intersection of software, users and market trends.

Don't Abandon Ops to Dev.

While the collaborative culture fostered by DevOps adds significant value to agile methodology, it is important to remember the unique value IT ops professionals bring to an agile business. Specifically, ops pros bring an enduringly important skillset that software engineers cannot match. So, while barriers between dev and ops must be lowered, the unique value of each group should not be lost.

Hire T-Shaped Ops Engineers.

It is impossible to hire an engineer who is an expert in every aspect of IT ops, so you need to identify the specific skills required to ensure your technology creates business value. Nevertheless, an ops team with a broad skillset will help you to maximize agility, so look for “T-shaped” engineers—who have understanding across the technology stack but also have deep expertise in specific areas.

Build a Complementary DevOps Culture.

In an agile technology organization, the capabilities of the IT operations engineers should complement those of the development engineers and vice-versa. This complementary DevOps approach will facilitate the sharing of knowledge, which is fundamental to the success of the organization. Furthermore, it will play a major role in bringing a necessary sense of balance to the company culture.

By Ron Gidron | 24 Jan 2018