How to Build Successful APIs

Bill Oakes

This edition of Software Confidential is by Bill Oakes, CISSP and Director of Product Marketing for API Management at CA Technologies. Bill focuses on product strategy and success.

Focus on Usability.

The core goal of any API design project should be to make the interface as easy as possible for developers to use. Whatever the specific business targets of your API program, focusing on API usability will help you to achieve the two common goals at the center of any enterprise API initiative: maximizing API usage and easing the process of developing powerful new applications.

Make Sure Developers Can Discover Your APIs.

For your API to succeed, developers need to know that it exists and that it can add value to their apps. So, make sure that developers who need the kind of functionality your API offers can discover it without having to try too hard. And provide these developers with clear information on precisely how your API will empower them to meet their development goals.

Empower Devs to Get the Most from Your APIs.

Your API's long-term success will depend on the success that developers have using it to build powerful, popular apps. Therefore, it is vital to give these developers the documentation, real-time feedback and troubleshooting tools they need in order to get maximum benefit from your API, with minimum time and effort.

By Bill Oakes | 25 Apr 2018