How to Gain Valuable Insights from App Performance Data

George Watt

This edition of Software Confidential is by George Watt, VP of Strategy at CA Technologies Office of the CTO. George is responsible for scientific research and innovation programs, helping budding intrapreneurs turn great ideas into viable businesses via the CA Accelerator. He is co-author of “The Innovative CIO”.

Define and Focus.

These days, it is possible to gather vast amounts of data on application performance. This can help you to provide the most competitive possible user experience but only if you are able to focus on metrics that provide meaningful insight into your user experience. So, start out by asking what matters to your customers, and what matters to your business, and then identify the metrics that will provide that knowledge.

Experiment and Iterate.

Start out small and don't be afraid to try out different options and test them against each other. Once you start to figure out what features provide the best user experience, you can begin implementing them at scale. While focus is still important, it is also vital to make sure you are seeing the full picture, by looking at a broad range of user experience metrics.

Optimize and Stay Focused.

Optimizing application performance and the user experience is an ongoing process. As this process continues, it is crucial that you focus on business value. Keep asking how your applications can meet the needs of your customers in ways that contribute to your business goals. There is seemingly limitless data to be collected—don’t let it distract you from customer needs and business goals.

By George Watt | 24 Jan 2018