How to Kickstart Your Agile Adoption

Skip Angel

This edition of Software Confidential is by Skip Angel, Senior Director of Enterprise Agility at CA Technologies. Skip focuses on providing education on agile practices to development teams within an organization.

Bring in an Outsider.

Outsiders can look at your organization with fresh eyes, helping to identify systems and operations problems that impact your ability to be agile—such as lack of standardization, lack of automation and bottlenecks. But people are what makes agile really happen. An outsider can also take an objective look at the people involved and help you identify where habits must change to enable true agility. CA has experts that offer services to help.

Train Teams with a Consistent Approach.

You’re creating a shared agile culture, so make sure every team goes through the same steps of formation and execution. Identify key roles for each team and have them attend agile training. Set KPIs and use an iterative pattern for sprints, with regular progress reviews. By using a consistent approach with all teams and tracking their progress, you can identify and eliminate common roadblocks.

Do the Hardest Thing First.

Don’t start off your agile project with the obvious, low-hanging fruit. Pick the toughest team to transform first and share that success with others. A bold move and an impressive success will inspire, motivate and pull in the rest of the organization. Transforming an entrenched team first will reduce fears and remove uncertainty for the rest of the teams across your organization.

By Skip Angel | 01 Nov 2017

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