Key Metrics for Measuring Agile Success

Surya Panditi

This edition of Software Confidential is by Surya Panditi, General Manager of Agile Management at CA. Surya has more than 30 years of experience as a technologist, business leader and team builder, focused on entrepreneurial risk-taking and thought leadership.

Customer Satisfaction.

A key benefit of agile is its ability to give development teams timely customer feedback, which speeds and simplifies the process of providing application users with precisely the functionality they want, the way they want it. Customer satisfaction metrics such as Net Promoter Score provide insight into how effectively this feedback is being gathered and applied.

Strategy and Execution.

An important outcome of agility is increased alignment between business strategy and the work that is being done. A successful agile development program should create a consolidated view of all the work being done across the broader organization. The question is: Does the organization have a clear view and—if so—is it using this insight to align goals with outcomes?

Employee Engagement.

According to a Freeform Dynamics study, more than three-quarters of agile organizations say that agile practices improve satisfaction within development teams. Therefore, a key indicator that your agile program is yielding results should be more positively-engaged developers. Gathering regular, honest employee feedback will be essential to fine-tuning your agile methodology.

By Surya Panditi | 23 May 2018
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