Leverage the Mainframe to Create Exceptional App Experiences

Marvin Mao

This edition of Software Confidential is by Marvin Mao, who drives thought leadership for the CA mainframe solutions portfolio, with a focus on advancing the role of DevOps in mainframe.

Integrate Mainframe into the App Development Lifecycle.

Many organizations are still dependent on mainframe for delivering data to their customer-facing apps. But creating mainframe applications to enable the kind of great digital experiences customers demand can be a painfully slow experience. To overcome this, it is necessary to integrate mainframe into end-to-end app development, test and delivery processes.

Train the Next Generation of Mainframe Pros.

The vast majority of mainframe developers are more than 30 years old and many are approaching retirement age. Integrating mainframe into the larger app development lifecycle will therefore require the onboarding of a new generation of mainframe pros. This, in turn, will require the overturning of common misconceptions as well as improving the mainframe developer experience.

Automate Common Processes.

The first step to improving the mainframe application development experience should be minimizing the number of manual processes required to execute common procedures. Hiding the kind of complex dependencies common to mainframe systems behind simple commands will help integrate mainframe into the dev lifecycle while preserving years of legacy expertise.

By Marvin Mao | 23 May 2018