Qualities to Look for When Researching DevOps Tools

Patricia Johnson

This edition of Software Confidential is by Patricia Johnson, a Director of Product Marketing for Continuous Delivery Solutions at CA. She helps companies through DevOps transformation by sharing the power of automating, orchestrating and analyzing in a DevOps world.

Globally Integrated, Not Siloed.

DevOps teams must be able to choose best-of-breed solutions in any particular area. But to be effective, every DevOps tool must be integrated into your existing toolchain and delivery pipeline. It is vital to ensure you have a plan for an end-to-end orchestration tool that can connect your silos, enable better collaboration and drive your pipeline.

Focused on Quality and Business Value.

Effective DevOps tools must support a modern app development and delivery paradigm that includes shift-left, continuous testing. It is how these tools are orchestrated to execute their tasks efficiently, share actionable data and provide visibility that can make the difference between a productive, high-value pipeline and a gridlocked pipeline.

Meaningful and Actionable.

To realize the value of a DevOps tool, you must be able to get insight from its data in the context of your continuous delivery pipeline. The metrics generated must support real-time decisions and inform improvements over time—in a way that is aligned with your business goals. Relevant metrics may include: release/pipeline performance; testing coverage/speed; release readiness; team productivity.

By Patricia Johnson | 25 Apr 2018

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