Software: The New Battleground for Brand Loyalty

How well do different industries deliver on customer experience.

We are entering the second wave of the application economy. One where an increasing number of consumers are adopting apps in their daily lives while businesses are racing to develop apps that meet all of their consumers’ needs. But there’s a gap between the way business leaders and consumers think about app experiences. According to a survey conducted by Zogby Analytics on behalf of CA Technologies, about 50% of consumers worldwide have used apps in the past six months to complete banking transactions, engage in social media, shop, research a purchase or watch a video.

As consumers expect seamless, easy-to-use features from apps, businesses are predicting consumers will be very likely, 83%, to use apps to renew driver’s licenses, renew passports, apply for government licenses, manage their health care, or even vote, but just 70% of consumers say they are likely to use apps to complete these types of transactions.

App makers in these industries must deliver on ease of use and security demands made by consumers to stay ahead of new and unexpected competitors. 

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