Telcos Use Software to Address Rising Customer Expectations

More than 85% say software is key to improving customer insight.



Firms drive new customer developments through software

Intense competition and escalation of customer expectations means the telco market is fast-paced, high-pressure and unforgiving. Against this background, fast, automated and secure application delivery is more important than ever. Data from a recent global survey illustrates the way in which telecommunication companies are modernizing their approach to software delivery to drive results.

The Software Imperative

Software is seen by telcos as critical to achieving growth and competitiveness, to enhance brand positioning

97% say it’s key to growth in current markets
87% say it’s key to help enter new markets
83% say it’s key to company/brand positioning
87% say it’s key to improving customer insights

Transformation Priorities and Initiatives

Telecommunications organizations are transforming their application lifecycle processes to enable delivery of secure, high-quality software by acting on four key principles of a Modern Software Factory.


say agile helps accelerate speed to market and innovation


say agile helps improve the overall customer experience


say agile and DevOps deliver more when implemented together


are increasing automation across the software development lifecycle


see automation as critical to increasing productivity across dev and ops


say they are effective/very effective at the continuous delivery of software


are improving how they obtain customer feedback to feed into development


use analytics, machine learning and AI to enrich customer insights


use analytics to move ops from break-fix to continuous improvement


say it’s critical to embed security across the delivery cycle


implement early and continuous testing for security vulnerabilities


say analytics and machine learning can enable a safer user experience

All data from a global survey of 1,279 respondents (172 from telecommunications organizations) by Freeform Dynamics in July, 2017.

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Don't Let an Outdated Software Strategy Hold You Back

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