The Battle for Competitive Advantage in the App Economy

New research shows becoming a software-driven enterprise is critical for competitive differentiation.

A new kind of company, the software-driven enterprise, is redefining business strategy and performance. They are leaders in the accelerating application economy, where code is king and competitive differentiation depends on customer-pleasing apps and advanced development methods.

CA recently commissioned Oxford Economics to conduct a global survey of senior business and technology executives, and the results show that 78% of enterprises believe that the shift to becoming a software-driven business models will be a critical driver of competitive advantage.

In response, organizations are shifting investment priorities and changing strategies:

  • 51% of organizations have increased investments in new forms of software such as mobile apps and API-enabled software
  • 49% are bringing more software development back in-house and 47% have or are planning to use M&A to increase app development capabilities
  • 48% are incorporating analytics into customer-facing strategies

While the application economy is growing rapidly and already having a significant impact on the way companies view their business, building a software-driven enterprise is no simple task. It requires substantial updates to internal operations and fresh thinking about finding and retaining appropriately skilled workers.

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The Battle for Competitive Advantage in the App Economy

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