Learn the Building Blocks of Microservice Culture

Mike Amundsen

This edition of Software Confidential is by Mike Amundsen, Lead API Architect at CA's API Academy. Mike is an internationally-known author and lecturer who travels throughout the United States and Europe, consulting and speaking on a wide range of topics including microservices, Web application development and cloud computing.

Focus on Communication.

Implementing microservices requires a cultural shift in your IT organization. The new microservice culture relies on clear and open communication within and between teams. At an organizational level, this means setting clear boundaries and creating repeatable, observable decision-making processes. At the tech level, this means deploying modern communication tools such as chat apps and dashboards.

Build Microservice Culture into Your Teams.

When creating a microservice culture for your organization, you must structure your teams in a way that reflects the ideals of microservice architecture. This means keeping teams small, giving each team as much autonomy as safely possible and relying on loose interoperability between teams. This empowers you to optimize clear communication, enable agile execution and minimize hidden dependencies.

Commit to Innovation.

A true microservices culture is defined by a spirit of innovation. To foster this spirit, provide teams with clear goals while keeping organizational structure loose and encouraging creative attempts to solve problems. It is also important to foster general learning via workshops and guest speakers. And, above all, to ensure that everyone knows, as Elon Musk says: “Failure is an option”.

By Mike Amundsen | 21 Feb 2018