The Last Adopter Podcast Series

The one podcast for businesses who want to digitally transform and need to learn how with Lewis Black as the voice of unreason.

In this original podcast series, Bloomberg explores common misperceptions and obstacles that organizations face along their digital transformation journeys. The podcast series, featuring industry leaders and technology experts, also sheds light on lessons learned and shares key takeaways from leading-edge companies paving the way in this digital era. With Lewis Black representing “The Last Adopter” of technology, this podcast will juxtapose his fears with stories of success told by industry innovators.


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The Computer in the Driveway

Episode 1: How software is transforming everything, even the cars you drive.

26 Sep 201719:06 minutes Download

The Enterprise Strikes Back

Episode 2: Why even the biggest companies are adopting an agile mindset.

10 Oct 201721:22 minutes Download

Does Cybersecurity Even Exist?

Episode 3: Why companies don't need to sacrifice speed for security in app development.

24 Oct 201720:48 minutes Download

Automation for Growth

Episode 4: How companies use automation to enable new business models.

19 Dec 201720:45 minutes Download

Coming soon on The Last Adopter Podcast

Serving the 24/7 Customer

Episode 5: How to increase customer engagement across all channels.


The Customer is the New Boss

Episode 6: How continuous feedback creates better products and happier customers.


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